Friday, March 21, 2008

Sandie The Snail - Felt Brooch Template

Happy Easter! With the long weekend ahead, I hope you'll find the time to do Sandie - The Snail. I wanted to decorate this cane bag I bought from Bali and when I saw Nigel's school snail project, I just had to use his snail as a template. Here's Sandie...

You can download the template here.

Some of the things you'll need are colourful felt pieces buttons, pins and if you like flower parts for the antennae. I took this picture earlier and I decided to use smaller buttons and used embroidery thread for the antennae instead of the flower parts. Some yarn for crocheting the petals.
First, pin the printed template onto felt. Remember that the body needs 2-ply.

2-ply for the body. And different colours for the 3 separate circles.

Ready cut and all laid out.

Take a short break. I took Nigel for a swim and then it began to rain cats and dogs!! Got back and continued.

Follow steps 5-10. Blanket stitch 1 body part to the 3 circles. Making sure the stitches are wide enough to accommodate at least 3-4 crochet stitches. Refer to my template for the blanket stitch guide - make sure you have the edges of the felt sewn to the main body. The crochet stitches can start on the outer ring. Slowly work around the anchored blanket stitches. If you don't know how to crochet, beading is a good option too. Or just leave it at blanket stitches.

Blanket stitch the other body piece and stuff some fiber to form a soft body. Sew on buttons for eyes and the flower part for the antennae. I opt to just use embroidery thread with 2 knots to form the antennae.

Attach Sandie on a brooch pin and there you have it - A felt brooch! Isn't sandie cute on my rattan bag!!!


Barbara said...

Marvellous! What a great tutorial and cute too :)

djbebe said...

very cute!

AnnaDrai said...

Thanks for new tutorial!!! very sweet! :OD


Happy Easter...

crafty said...

very cutie, luv the colours and thnax for sharing your work with us

kitkat said...

Love the snail!! These are so super cute. Thanks for sharing.

stef et sa belette said...

It's so cute !
i love it
sincerely !

Sandra said...

this is great!!!! Thanks! Will cerainly try!

Nora said...

Cool blog! Thanks for telling me about it. You make such lovely items!

Creative B Bee said...

Very cute snail! I had just finish make one for my DT. Thank you for sharing tutorial here.

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