Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Durian, Oh! Durian! | NIGEL's Show & Tell

Every year Nigel will have to do a Show & Tell at school for one of the language weeks. He dreads this as each student must present a subject in either one of the weeks given. So, English week: Subject - DURIAN. Of course!
Teaching Nigel the basics of a paper mache structure. Crushing some Newspaper to form the body of the Durian.
A lot of hard work, crushing newspaper.

Rolling a wad to form the stem.

Hmmm...Beginning to look like one.

It got bigger as we added more layers. Secure the bundle with cellophane tape.

Making the spikey cones by hand.

Stick them like this!

Coat it with a layer of white tissue. We used modge podge. Using starch will be ok too, but it needed to dry fast so we used modge podge. Tanning on the lawn under the hot sun. My neighbour's will be wondering...what the heck!

All dry and smelling funny already. Yep, the smell of paper mache can be weird.
Lot's of green paint.

Hurry Up Nigel! Somemore have to memorise your presentation notes!
A crown befitting the king of fruits! Tada!

YIPPIE DOO DURIAN!!! He won 2nd Prize!!!! (The first prize winner went to a girl who did a presentation on a laptop : subject : Games!!! HOW CAN!?) Anyway, I'm so proud of Nigel.

Friday, September 07, 2012


Yes, The Best Teachers Teach From The Heart.

I know this is months late but here are the photos of the cupcakes we baked for Nigel's Teacher's Day. We made a box of four cupcakes to thank his teachers, especially Pn Su. His maths teacher is one dedicated teacher and we owe her for teaching Nigel to be a responsible student! Bravo!!!

Fondant toppers done a few days ahead.

An apple for each teacher.

Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream.

Chocolate Fudge with piped Ganache.

All boxed for delivery! I love the way some kids go around giving teacher's gifts and flowers and sometimes a hug too.

The German Chocolate Brownie I made for a Sunday Dessert.

Nigel reading while waiting for it to cool.

Look at that!
Nigel practicing his piano. He hates it, I admit, but he'll thank me one day. :)