Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Off To A Hopping Start : A BUSY NEW YEAR!

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR Everyone!!! This chinese new year has been one of the busiest I've ever had. We hosted a family reunion dinner on chinese new year's eve and I was on a baking frenzy throughout. 
Santa's little helper doing some pompoms. I've got the clover pompom gadget that does a wonderful poofy one in a jiffy too. See even Nigel could do it lying down. LOL. It's quite addictive.
He's such a pro at this. You can even add googly eyes on a pompom, add a long trail of yarn as a tail and see them launch across the living room. It's pretty fun. More for Nigel's motivation to make some for fun!

All the yarn on the floor. You're probably wondering what are all these pompoms for...

THIS! A pile of bunnies ready to be stuffed.

Want the template?

HERE IT IS! Download an enlarge as desired, print and trace onto fabric of choice and start a frenzy sewing this for spring! Don't forget to attach the poofy tail. You can easily make pompoms from all that acryllic yarn extras you have in your stash.

I did. I made around 20 of these and gave them out to family members who came visiting.

Cotton on one side and comfy fleece on the other.

Pink ones especially!

Don't they just look adorable.

Added some ribbons for a cute finish.

Made some chocolate embellishments from the bunny template as well. Melted some orange flavoured white chocolate. I have rows of bunnies on a A4 sheet printed, place a non stick wax paper on top and traced along the line.

This is also very addictive. Make sure the lines are connected so that when you lift them up, the bunnies will stay intact. Broke a few but when you place them on icing, just have to place them back together. No fuss.

Leave to dry for a day. This works better then royal icing. It won't melt as much as royal icing. But you can use that too if your country's humidity is low.

Works best on buttercream or creamcheese. I baked poppy seed orange cupcakes for the new year and place a bunny chocolate on each cupcake. Had to give it a little fondant flower for a little pink!

White chocolate bunnies in a row. YUMMY! My kitchen smells divine!!

I made these for the reunion. Passion fruit cheddar cheese cupcakes and Little Pecan muffins.

Close up of the cupcakes.

The heat during the Chinese New Year is just somewhat hotter than usual. So you'd expect a little meltdown.

I have flowers everywhere!



And everywhere! LOL.

Three little felt bunnies on my stairs.

This was a last minute request from my Aunt Josie. It's a charity project for her agency.

Something about a poofy filled heart. For a 3D effect I just double sided the edges of this heart and stuff with tissue.

All the stationery shops are closed during the new year so I've to work with scraps. Don't ask me why I have styrofoam extras in my store.

The letters were cut with my Old faithfull styrofoam cutter. This thingamajig has been with me for more than 10 years now! Best investment ever.

I was building this as I go. No plans, just a print out of all the elements I need in proportion. This is the box that will house all the donations. It opens at the bottom.

I stuck the heart to the box. Stood around it and stared at it for awhile and decided that it should look like.....



Makes me one to hug this giant paper scuplture.

Now..Guess what time is it when I finished!?


Nigel was pleasantly surprised when he came down in the morning to see a BIG HUGE HUG on the dining table.
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR FROM THE NGs! And as Margaret puts it...Koong Hei Fatt Choy, Sum Seong See Seng, Sun Tai Geen Hong and Peng Peng Onn Onn"!! (Literally translated to mean A Happy Chinese New Year, May all your heart's desire be fulfilled, A Healthy Life and Peace Be With You!) Hugs!!!!


Papgena Made It said...

Thank you so much for your wishes! I would like to wish you and your family the best!
I really love your bunnies!
And your 'big hug' sculpture!!!

Margaret wong said...

What can we expect from you but he most wonderful decor for CNY!!!!! Love everything especialy those rabbits and Nigel looks all grown up! Big Hugs and Koong Hei Fatt Choy again!

ct N honey said...

i love that rabbit.cute said...

Oh wow, I love, love, love everything you created! Those piped rabbits are amazing. I hope you had a fantastic Chinese New Year- I'll be applying some of your ideas to Easter and spreading the word of course! Big Hug!

Mom2fur said...

Belated Happy Chinese New Year! You sure have some cool things around your house. The flowers are gorgeous!

That pom pom maker looks like a lot of fun. I bet your son is really awesome at turning them out.