Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nigel's Misadventure With A Pair of Scissors!

This is what happened when Nigel got a clump of playdough stuck to his fringe. He decided to get a hair cut, ALL BY HIMSELF!!! And we're 22 days from his Uncle's wedding. Will it all grow back in time?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Whimsy Jar from Diane of South Carolina.

I received a record breaking 'parcel' from Diane, my partner for the Whimsy Jar Exchange organised by Tini at NNC. The hefty postage alone was phenomenal, but what was inside was even more precious! She gave me more than a jarfull of goodies, there were other crafty things I just love!! She asked us to video tape the opening of the parcel. That we did, we also took some lovely photos of all the goodies inside!

The lovely card from Diane. THANKS DIANE!!!! I love everything you've sent.

Look at the jar of buttons! Aren't they just glorious. In every shape and colour.

Nigel's expression says it all. Cookie cutters! I'm so spoiled now.

Other crafty things from outside the jar! I love those petals. The yummy felts and chennile autumn pipe cleaners. Scrapbooking patterned papers....Diane, I think you must have spent a bomb on this exchange!

Brads of all shapes and colours. These are precious stash, you really can't find these here, and they would have costed a lot.

The most beautiful stash of stickers. I'm going to use these for my brother's wedding cake. They are simply divine!

A beautiful box of petals. This again is very expensive here.

Rolls of cute ribbons. I think I can use them for crocheted booties. If you look closer, you'll find really cute buttons here and there. Like candy in a store! THANKS DIANE!!!! It really feels like Christmas!!!!

AND THANKS TINI for organising this exchange! Thanks for the little surprise you sent. It's a lovely embroidered piece...looks perfect for Nigel's pillow or maybe his plain t-shirt or maybe a tote bag...hmmm. Love you!

Monday, October 06, 2008

A Tote Bag for Eirene!

Happy Birthday Eirene! I know I'm a week late, but this took longer than expected. Inspired by the colours of your bracelet, I hope the calming blue tones will cheer you up when you've to work such long hours. Hope to meet you up for lunch one of these Fridays!

Love the azure colours. They sort of remind me of the sea and the rushing bubbly tides.

I've found a way to add magnetic clasps to crocheted tote bags. Just have to hide the pinchers with a button for embellishment.