Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Snoogem Tutorial

Found this really cool softy in a chinese craft book I bought yesterday. Tried it this morning, it was pouring and it was a lovely rainy day project that took less than an hour and a half. You have the option to stuff the body with wheat (if you are making a wheat heat bag) and the outer bag with potpourri, or with fibers on the body and stuff the outer bag with the wheat instead (Remember to only heat the outer bag then only insert it into the side pocket of the body). Here, I use rice, since it's my first one.

But first, do download the instructions and the template I drew. (Sorry the instructions are in chinese - but the diagrams are quite useful. The 'Size' is totally up to you)


Fold the material into half and Trace the outline of the template on one side. Embroider hands, eyes, features and flower.


Remember to cut 2 squares for the pouch, as shown in grey on the template.


Pin square 1 to the opening, in front of the embroidery marked on the template. Making sure you have enough material on the left.

Pin square 2 to the exact opposite side of the material.

Sew the individual squares to the opening only as indicated on the template (ref. the chinese instructions). And on the other side of the material.

Reverse the material and meet the pouch squares together. Pin and begin to sew along the outline. Leave an opening at the pouch for filling.

Trim the fabric and snip like crazy on the edges and the corner of the pouch where the bends are. This will decrease bunching on the inside.

Invert. Make sure you do not tug at your embroidery by mistake.

Fill it up with fiber, or if you prefer, wheat (if you intend to make a heat bag : Make sure everything is 100% cotton to avoid a nasty meltdown in the microwave oven.) Concentrate on the ears and the legs of the Snoogem. Do not overstuff, bear in mind the extra pouch you will insert later (filled with wheat or potpourri.)


Cut 2 squares, slightly smaller than your softy's pouch can accommodate.

Sew around leaving an opening to invert and fill with wheat or potpourri.

I use rice. The book suggested wheat, red bean or potpourri. Whichever you use make sure that you only heat the body or the outer
pouch that is filled with re-heatable fillers!!! And please, use only the microwave. An oven will burn cute little snoogem to ashes.

So, I suggest 1 minute of heating will be sufficient. Use thongs to insert into the body pocket.

STEP 10 : SNAP-ON buttons

Sew the snap-on buttons as indicated to hold the gap of the pocket. I had a little lace sewn to the sides, just for fun.

Ahhhh, little Snoogem is having a little nap.

I microwaved the outer pouch and inserted it into snoogem's pouch for a test run. Rice isn't a good idea, Snoogem smells like freshly boiled rice. So I guess next time I'll try red bean or wheat (very expensive in Malaysia!). But As the heat radiates inside, Snoogem sure is snuggly and cozy.

Have fun! One request though, please leave a comment or post to me your own Snoogem when
you're done.

Monday, October 30, 2006


Hi! Everyone. Take a break and have a look at these wonderful and weird everyday objects transformed into extraordinary things. Check out their website http://www.atelier-v.ch/index.htm

I think Meow could do with the goggle headrest! An anti-slip headrest when you're too tired to sit-up and do your poo-poo. Lol!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Reel It In! Reel It In!

Nigel went on his first fishing outing today with Stan and caught four fishes. Ahhh, some quiet time for me to get some work done! It did rain heavily in the City but for where my two boys were heading, it was surprisingly sunny after a light drizzle at Ulu Langat (30 minutes drive from home). I've never seen him so excited before and I must say he'll be bugging his dad for more fishing trips soon! (Hooray, some more 'ME' time!)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Eirene's 21st Birthday Party

Eirene's 21st birthday was a surprise party organised by Melissa and Jessica. With only a week to prepare, we managed quite a lovely party with the theme 'Purple Fantasy'. Here's a photo stream of the day's events.

Justin and Mom looking out for Eirene to make her grand entrance.

Surprise!!! All her friends and family were there to join in the fun. I've never seen Stan so enthusiastic before!

Will be posting more pictures tonight. Something is just not right with the blog today.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Student of the year - NIGEL NG KAR KEAN

Last saturday was Nigel's first Concert and Award Nite, and like proud parents and grandparent we were awed by his performance and his award for student of the year in his class. With no idea whatsoever of his performance, he has kept that a secret from us (and believe me, this three year old can keep a secret! We've been asking him about his concert and all he'll tell us is Shhh! One finger to his lips and he'll just say, "Wait and you'll see,la!") The only thing that leaked out of his mouth was that he was student of the year. That also we found only two days from the concert and on his rehearsal day. He came home after a day at the International Youth Centre (the Venue for his school's concert) and he was his jovial self and not realising that he was saying it aloud - he announced to himself as if he was rehearsing the whole day "STUDENT OF THE YEAR - NIGEL NG KAR KEAN!." We were dumbfounded.

Anyway, Saturday was a hectic day. We got some presents for the teachers and prep Nigel for his big day. We were so proud of him. So proud that Stan even forgot to press the REC button on our new handycam (bought it just for this day!!!!) when it was his turn to do his little dance. (My mom was doing his dance with him all the way!!!!!) Thank goodness the school has a Camera guy up there doing the whole recording! (Or I would have been super pissed.) No good pictures here... more will come when I get the good copies from the school.

So, here's Nigel in his little glory.... (the song was...This is how we brush our teeth...brush our teeth.....Early in the morning)

Nigel receiving his award from Mrs. Elaine Lee, Principal of the school. She was my Sunday school teacher and she has not aged a single bit!!!

Nigel with Marcus (his classmate for best performance) and his first teacher, Ms. Wong.

We had front row seats, and Nigel spotted us right away. He did his dance and his routine was on the spot. We are all so proud of him!