Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Student of the year - NIGEL NG KAR KEAN

Last saturday was Nigel's first Concert and Award Nite, and like proud parents and grandparent we were awed by his performance and his award for student of the year in his class. With no idea whatsoever of his performance, he has kept that a secret from us (and believe me, this three year old can keep a secret! We've been asking him about his concert and all he'll tell us is Shhh! One finger to his lips and he'll just say, "Wait and you'll see,la!") The only thing that leaked out of his mouth was that he was student of the year. That also we found only two days from the concert and on his rehearsal day. He came home after a day at the International Youth Centre (the Venue for his school's concert) and he was his jovial self and not realising that he was saying it aloud - he announced to himself as if he was rehearsing the whole day "STUDENT OF THE YEAR - NIGEL NG KAR KEAN!." We were dumbfounded.

Anyway, Saturday was a hectic day. We got some presents for the teachers and prep Nigel for his big day. We were so proud of him. So proud that Stan even forgot to press the REC button on our new handycam (bought it just for this day!!!!) when it was his turn to do his little dance. (My mom was doing his dance with him all the way!!!!!) Thank goodness the school has a Camera guy up there doing the whole recording! (Or I would have been super pissed.) No good pictures here... more will come when I get the good copies from the school.

So, here's Nigel in his little glory.... (the song was...This is how we brush our teeth...brush our teeth.....Early in the morning)

Nigel receiving his award from Mrs. Elaine Lee, Principal of the school. She was my Sunday school teacher and she has not aged a single bit!!!

Nigel with Marcus (his classmate for best performance) and his first teacher, Ms. Wong.

We had front row seats, and Nigel spotted us right away. He did his dance and his routine was on the spot. We are all so proud of him!

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