Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Home Sweet Blueberry Cake!

This beautiful blueberry buttercake from Aunty Josie is now my most favourite one! Actually, I can't help but have more than one favourite?!

My plate looks great too. Only RM3 from a cart at Megamall.

So much to do and so little time. 3 months to be exact and I plan to do loads. Have been busy cutting these leather appliques from an old car seat from Auntie Dorcas and have been sewing pencil cases and pouches with some curtain material. Looks rather smashing!!! Will reveal more as we go along.

So the word is out - I'm looking for any scrap fabric of all kinds and plastic with label no. 6 (shrinkable plastics) they are usually disposable plastic containers that the supermarket use when packaging hydroponic vegetables and when you take away sushi! Don't throw them away - give them to me.

More appliques for tote bags.

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