Monday, July 30, 2012

Nigel's Science Project | Icky Invertebrates!!

Every year, Nigel will do a science project for the school exhibition in June which falls on report card day. And like a boy, he decided to pick the ickiest subject given, INVERTEBRATES!
A week of research and a whole lot of printing. His team mates did a lot of cutting too.
We wanted some 3D layering for the poster. Here's Nigel sticking the main title on.

Hanging his class label on the front. The names of his team mates dangles at the front.

Some labelling work. I'm often surprised by his knowledge of this icky animal kingdom. *Proud Mom!*

Finishing off with a few 'Do You Knows?'.

We even stuck some plastic beetles around for 'real' effects!

ALL DONE! Can't wait to do the volcano one next year. LOL!


A Wedding In May | 300 Cupcakes!

 This is a little wedding 'baking' project I took up in May. A simple set up but with 300 cupcakes. Thanks Janet & Elaine for the opportunity!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Major Catch Up | April - May


It is very rare that we all meet up, so we made it count this time! Destination : Shogun @ Solaris.

Stan and Niece!

Table 1

VIP of Table 1

Ying Sun having a platter of escargots! Look at the glee on his face. LOL!

Love birds!

Nephew getting annoyed at my busy bodying.

The cute little cake.

My mother-in-law having some fun.

Lot's of photo taking.

Gathering everyone to take shots.

A Very Nice Shot!


Standing around wondering what's next to eat.


A clear and beautiful day at the Subang Stadium.
Blue Team.

The Reds marching by.

Is that the silver surfer from fantastic four???

Yellow Team all proud and ready!

I like the school band. They play a good tune.

Speeches and special dedications.

Nigel and his team.

Will the boy with the no. 212 look up here?

Nigel in action!

I like this photo. It's crazy that half the athletes are petrified of the loud pistol bang. Including this little assistant here. LOL!

Spot Nigel.

Sexy brigade passing by. LOl. What's with the weird side glance?

WOO HOO Yellow Team! Incidentally, I was always a Yellow Teamer!

Sunny Side up!

The Green Team and the 'Langkawi' mascot. LOL!