Friday, May 26, 2006

Dog gone crazy!

Found this incredible scotty dog pattern on a blog and started on a simple project that got shelved! Just as I was pinning it down, Stan came back with more work!!!! Aiya, this will take another week or so. Got it cut and under body sewn... Boo-hoo got to get some work done first.
I just love upholstery fabrics!

Fire on the horizon

We live on the 12th floor and the view is spectacular, but on this unfortunate day, we spotted a fire afar. It's next to a public school and it looks fiery. Managed to grab the camera as sirens from the nearby firestation rushed to the scene. I guess we'll be reading this in the newspaper tomorrow. Thank goodness for the rain this evening, smoke and smell is washed away.

Friday, May 19, 2006

DIY hair dos

This post is especially for Meli, Jessica, Eirene and the rest of the girls who love long hair.
I found this helpful site
Have fun!

Felted Creatures

Sue Pearl is a felt master of these lovely creatures. Her website is
There's a little guide that teaches you how to felt. But I'm more interested in recreating one of these birds out of acrylic felt. After all, Chicken Run is still my favourite animated movie.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Artist in the Making

Nigel has been very expressive in his drawings. This is his latest. He calls it Jonah on the Boat.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Brilliant Works of A German Textile Designer

Stefanie Siebert is my idol! Lucky me, the website comes complete with an English version.
She was featured in a Burda magazine many years ago and as I was cleaning up my cabinet of magazines last night - I found my long forgotten article. (Yes, I actually have a massive collection of Burda, Martha stewart and other craft books stored in a big cabinet!)

It's all about needles, fabric and lots of fantasy. I've posted some pictures here for all crafters to admire. Some of the designs are just whimsical and uniquely her style. I just love her fabric foodstuff. She's brilliant. And these are all for rent, they've appeared on shopping windows, musuems and exhibitions.

Look at the details. The orange wedges and the petit fours. Yummy.

Freaky characters are all life-size human figures!

A window display, the more you stare, the more alive they seem.

Everything is handmade and one of a kind.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

How do you sleep?

I am a cliff hanger!
Find your own pose!

This is really weird, but we do sleep like that. With Nigel smack in the middle, thank God for King size beds!!! Come'on, take the challenge.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

May Birthday Celebration!

Last Sunday we celebrated the birthdays of Auntie Dorcas, Stan, Shen-ni, Jessica and Faith. As usual we had a lot to eat and the theme was Asian fusion noodle fare. Auntie Josie made Vietnamese Beef Noodles (her painstaking effort in removing all the bean-sprouts tail is much appreciated - her maid was on holiday so she had to wake up at 4am to start preparing!) And the gorgeous pineapple cake was simply - Divine. (For catering services - Josie Bakes is in action and orders are welcomed!) That is not all, Mom made her Thai-meehoon salad and of course, I made Tom Yam Seafood pasta (with mussels and all).

As you can see, everyone had a bowl of yee-yee's vietnamese noodles. Still thinking about that wonderful beef broth and all that succulent beef!

Close-up shots of the spread. Yum-yum.

Can you imagine, we do this every Sunday.

And no dinner is complete with my Mom's Sea Coconut Dessert. I think she does this especially for Nigel. (It's one of his many many favourites.)

Ooohh! The most delicious pineapple sponge cake ever!!!! Thanks yee-yee, we all had double our share.

Yoga after dinner? Nigel and Faith seem to have a lot of energy after a heavy meal.
And here's Jessica trying out her new flip-flops, the ones that come attached to a base when it's cut from a giant foam piece thingy.

I think everyone had a blast. See you this Sunday!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Truly Malaysian!

We had a small durian feast at home yesterday and here's Nigel enjoying every bit of it. Look at his fingers and his concentration. He even said this was better than ice-cream!

Oh-boy, my living room still stank of durians.

Anyway, Uncle Johnathan - It's the start of durian season! Maybe Uncle David will organise a Durian feast at Po-poh's house this weekend? Hint. Hint.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Our portrait by Nigel

Stan's effort to teach him to draw is beginning to take form. Look at our portraits. It's quite stylish and he really enjoys having his picture on our blog.

He did this while I stitched meself a doughnut pin cushion!

Was working on a secret project which I will post next month, when I badly needed a pin cushion (Nigel wouldn't let me use one of his old softies, Ouch! he screamed when I poked at Lemmy the lamb).

Yes, yes, that's my dining table in a terrible mess. Stan has been terribly patient.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Stan's Birthday Coming Soon

We've been married for almost five years now and we really crack our heads about what to give each other for our birthdays each year (and considering that we've been dating for almost 10 years - that's a lot of birthdays together). He'll be 37 this May 16, so my post this month is dedicated to STAN. A quiet, gentle and very patient man.

These photos were taken when he went fishing with Edmund and his gang of crazy-city-fishermen in 2003!

Stan and his fishing buddy in a waterfall in Temenggor.