Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Year of Crafting : Gifts and Exchanges!

Here's the post about how busy I've been. My friends know if I've been quiet, it means that I've been crafting and crafting! These are just some of the gifts I've made. Happy Browsing, hope it inspires you to do some crafting too...Go ahead pick up the needle!!

This laptop sleeve is for Pooi Lin. She gave us a beautiful handmade quilt (King size one!) that deserves a post on its own. So watch out for that!

I appliqued a motif I cut from one of Ikea's fabrics onto Denim. I used some of the iron-on applique sticky stuff I got from Nik. I must admit that my sewing has improved, it must be my old sewing machine! It can't seem to sew straight lines but is dang good at curvy lines!

I have to embellish it with a felt flower! You can download the felt peony template from my tutorials. I used a scrapbooking brad and attached the flower with a cute coloured safety pin. She can remove this flower if she finds it too girlish! LOl!

The sleeve from the back. Denim is very nice to work with. Maybe I'll try making a nice bag for myself next time.

I also made two hug pillows for her and her aunt. Yes, I had to make one for her too, she helped with the quilt too.
Crocheted these from a book I borrowed from MW (Looks like I've to return them already!!!! LOL!) It's a japanese crochet book with all the season's motifs. I had these crocheted and embellished with freshwater pearls onto the snowflake linen I bought sometime ago.

Yes, Pooi Lin, I made the pillows myself!!!

More closeups of the crochet piece.

Aren't they pretty!

A messenger bag I made for Alistair. Sorry the picture is so tiny, I took it out of Facebook!

A laptop sleeve I made for Ben. The bunny is their pet! Not part of the embellishment!!

I made a few crocheted laptop sleeve. This cotton candy one is for Joy!

That's Joy with her laptop sleeve.

A deep blue one for Melissa.

I love the blue one, apparently the button is too thick for the opening. Maybe I should have used only two layers of button than 3 at one go. You know me - a little over the top! LOL!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Omigosh! My Big Boy is All Grown Up!!

Nigel looks so grown up in his new school uniform. It's his first 2 weeks in primary school, everything is new to him. The shoes, the books, the bag, the uniform, the singlet (Hahah!), yikes what a fortune to send kids to school these days. I remember my school shoes were only RM11 and food at the canteen started at 20 cents. Now every child has an average of RM3 for pocket money. Anyway, we did go for the orientation a week before school opened. He was acquainted with his school teacher, which incidentally was one of the disciplinary teachers, and the whole school and its facilities. He was nervous but excited at the same time. First day of school was a buzz. There were more parents than students! Sri Sempurna has only 3 standard 1 classes and each class consists of only about 20 students. That's good considering that the public school has around 40 to 45 kids nowadays. With the little amount of kids in 1 class I didn't see the point of rushing in to class very early to book your child's seat in the front. Yes, some parents are real kiasu about having their kids seat in front! The last seat is only 3 rows away, so no biggy for me. Nigel is comfortable in the last row and on the far left. I think it's best since it's 1 less person on the left for him to chat with. He's realy chatty and playful, so the wall is good for him. LOL!

So, I didn't bring my camera and videocams (like some parents did). I was there like a shadow just overlooking and eavesdropping to see my son become a big boy. I believe he's all grown up now. Oh! How I miss my chuppachups baby.

Waking up the first day was easy for him. With all the excitement, he just woke up ready to go. The trolley bag is a must these days. All those books sure are heavy for a 7-to-be year old!

As a simple gesture to say Hi! to the teacher, we gave his class teacher a big red apple with a crocheted sweater.

For Puan Jackie. Written by Nigel. He's got an eye for alignments!

My big boy!


Happy New Year everyone! I know I'm late to wish you all a blessed New Year but after reading this post you'll find that I've been extremely busy. But God has been good! We celebrated my grandparents' anniversary right after Christmas. We all went out to eat...and eat we did!

Uncle Peter digging into Hokkien mee!

The folks.
Meow fooling around. AS USUAL!

We were seated in 3 tables. I think we'll need 4-5 tables if everyone is back home this year to celebrate.

There'll be a wedding in 2011 : Can't wait now. Already planning the cake!

Alistair enjoying a piece of 'babe'!

Me getting the cake ready for the small ceremony. Auntie Josie baked a fabulous corn custard cake. It was super delicious!

Can you see how long they've been together? It's really a romantic story.

Dad singing the 'Happy anniversary' song rather loudly!

All the great grandchild and grandchildren together.

The Senior Citizens! LOL! Sorry can't help it but notice!

Woo hoo!
Family is very important. Get my drift! Let's grow old together.

Cake cutting.

Distributing the cake. Meli used to be the official cake cutter. Since she left for NZ I've taken up the spot. Lot's of perks doing the cutting - YOU GET A BIGGER SLICE! LOL!

Flowers from us. Popo loves flowers.

A big photo shot of all of us at Popo's house.