Friday, March 13, 2009

A Pair of Pink Baby Booties!

I just completed a set of baby gifts for an order. It's all pink and on its way to Pahang!

Nigel's Sports Day 2009

The last sporting event in his pre-school years was held last Saturday at the Pudu Ulu park. Nigel had high hopes of winning the sporting event he was taking part, but due to a silly mistake by one of the helpers the team emerged 1st runner up. Winner or not, he gave it his best and for any parent - that's a champ at heart! So here are some of the photos of the beautiful day...

Nigel and his trophy! Believe me he practised at home. Part of his event was to dress-up a team member, so we had a mock button-up practice run at home. It was fun training with him!

Walking in the parade. Go! Blue Team! Go!

Ruun Jan is in year 4 and she won a Gold!!! Way to go girl!!!

Dad prepping up Nigel for the big event.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Nigel is SIX! : A Weekend of parties!!

Believe it or not, but we celebrated Nigel's 6th birthday - 3 times and in one weekend! But of course he had to share his actual birthday with my nieces and his 3rd uncle. It started last Friday with a small party for him at school.

A Ben-10 Alien Force cake, of course! The trouble we had to go through to get the image for the cake!! "A green cake, mom!"

Turning 6! Look at his face...

His best friend - Evangeline Lee all smiles for the camera. Do they all look so cheeky at 6?

His friends enjoying the cake and sandwiches. Can't wait to give them the gift packs. This time it was a Ben-10 yo-yo with goodies!

This was on Saturday. We had a barbecue at my brother inlaw's house. My niece turned 21 and I promised her a cupcake tier. I used some of the tiers from my bro's wedding, but this time it was larger sized cupcakes. I thought Pink would be most appropriate, eventhough it was Nigel's birthday as well. He didn't mind it at all as he had his dream cake yesterday!

40 cupcakes : a mixture of vanilla and marble sponge. Royal icing and buttercream roses. I have a tutorial coming up - Assembling a cupcake tier, the easy-peasy way.

That's Kathleen. My cutie pie posing for a snapshot!

The doorgifts for the party the next day. Sunday was tiring after 2 parties, but things need to be done!! This time the theme : Mario Brothers. I had moustaches made out of foam and adhesive felt for everyone. And mario brother key chains in the goody bags too.

Preparing the smoked chicken. What a hot day!

My baby posing with a moustache. Dashing isn't he?

His gift from us. He wanted a kick tricycle. It even revvs!

That's what Uncles are for! Thanks Meow for assembling it.

Revv! Revv! Can't wait to try this at the park.

Wolfie also came over for the party. He survived a terrible accident - but look at him now!!

I thought the moustaches was fun!

Kenneth now knows he looks weird with a moustache!


OMG! Uncle Peter looks hilarious! What a sport.

My grandfather joined in the fun too.

Mr. & Mrs. Mario?

The birthday boy with his 3rd cake!!!

Thanks everyone for being so sporting and generous with the gifts!!! Love you all.