Friday, March 20, 2009

Pincushion Exchange 2009 : Thanks Radha!

A special gift came to me yesterday. It was a special pincushion from Radha although she was not suppose to send me one, she wanted to surprise me and yes, I think I'll be receiving 2 pincushions this time. Thanks Radha! & Usha for organising the flower themed pincushion! Happy Birthday too!!!

A crosstitch biscornu from the talented Radha!

Look at the details and beading work.

More flower themed stash. Love the ribbons and the beaded flower diamante. Thank you so much Radha!!!

My exchange to Radha. A simple crocheted flower pom on top of a leaf-motif cushion and presented in metal basket I bought from Daiso.

I included my first attempt at a covered tape measure.

Top view of the pincushion.
A ladybird peeks out at one of the leaves!


Janet C said...

All so gorgeous! Love the finish of the tape measure. *_*

Thistledew Farm said...

Your cushions are so cute. What an interesting design on the one Radha made.