Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our Gingerbread House Contest...

This could be a new family tradition. Everyone was supplied with crackers and candy. All they have to do is bring one 'secret weapon' to personalise their gingerbread house. I believe everyone had fun and I suppose we'll do this again next year...with a twist and a bigger prize!

The Midah gingerbread lane looks so yummy, these creations that come in all sizes & designs smell absolutely delicious!

Father and son hard at work! Nigel was eating his props too.

Auntie Gin and Alistair was a hilarious team. Working their charm on the judges at the same time!

Uncle John and Melissa's creation won them the 2nd place. Look at that structure and the snowman with the sunnies!

My dad and Faith having a go at the contest. Their creation is on the front. Stan & Nigel's creation is the one at the back with 'Muruku' toppings for roof tiles!

Victoria's white marshmallow castle and Jessica and Daniel's instant noodle creation at the foreground.

3rd-place winner - Victoria and Meow. Sorry guys for announcing you were last before. My mistake, truly.

Nigel posing with Eirene and Justine's creation on the right (looks like something out of Chocolate Factory) & Joy's winning creation on the left.

Judges giving out their points. The winner won by an extra half point!

Kenneth and Melissa's lovely hideaway cottage in the woods. Love the little entrance and the snowman with the top-hat.

Lone ranger Ah King trying his talent at building one alone.

Gingerbread house or Haunted mansion of Christmas? Created by Ai-lin, Lucy and Marina! (Notice the bananas hidden inside for foundation?!)

The winning team. Joy and Lydia had sketches done and I bet they spent some time brainstorming. Wow.

My dad cheered along!

Our Dinner Party...

Happy Birthday to Joy, Shanon and Alistair too!

Our Christmas Lunch and Dinner Party

We had lunch at Nando's right after Sunday service and we still had to do some last minute shopping. Here are the pictures from our lunch and the dinner party afterwards. Let the pictures speak for themselves. New hairdos, lots of presents, loads of food and our own gingerbread house contest!

All Grown up! Check out his new hair-do. This is Nigel's 2nd haircut by an Indian barber (his 1st was when he was only 1 month old)! No fuss at all..very well behaved.

Sunday Morning Service

Christmas Eve celebrations began with our Church's annual service at the International Youth Centre. We're so proud of Justin for performing with the Church's youths in a hip-hop performance. This lanky lad was nervous at first but I must say for a shy guy like him... he had guts of steel that morning! Good job Justin!! (Grace would have been extremely proud of you!)

Nigel was well behaved, of course with the promise of an ice-cream cone (compliments of the church for doing so well at the carnival, they gave out tonnes of ice-cream cones at the end of the service...and it was eat all you can!!!). That eventually spoilt his lunch. His Christmas celebration has just begun!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas To All

A warm and wonderful Christmas to all at home, those abroad and all my lovely bloggers from all over the world. Just completed all my Christmas shopping today, got all the tags made in time and everything is wrapped-up! Yeah!!! It's also our 5th Anniversary... not much time to reflect but I'm definite there are lots of lovely memories to cherish.

So... here are just some of the photos I took of presents and there will be more later.

Have a beautiful celebration. (And Eirene...Can't wait to see your new hairdo!)

Lots of love....yoonie.

Fuel for late night 'present' wrapping work! Auntie Josie makes the best Red-bean buns!