Sunday, June 27, 2010

NNC Pincushion Exchange 2010

This is truly a late post on one of my exchanges with the NNC group. Sorry Radha for the delay in showing off your beautifully made pincushion. I received it during the moving house phase and was having a hard time locating my camera wire. Thanks Radha for the lovely blue stash and the cross-stitched pincushion! And Nigel sends his kisses for the well-needed back to school stationery stash too!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Making a Cabbage Cane

Making a Cabbage Cane, originally uploaded by Shay Aaron.

Good enough to eat!

Making A Starfruit Cane

Making A Starfruit Cane, originally uploaded by Shay Aaron.

Shay does incredible polymer clay creations. Now to look for all my old stash of clay!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

81onederful Years : A Birthday Celebration

We celebrated my mother-in-law's 81st birthday recently and the venue was at our new home. Out of the 600 hundred photos my brother took for us, I've only shortlisted these to be posted here. It was a beautiful evening of friendship, laughter and food! Also my reason for the long absence in posting on my crafting journal, you'll see we've been busy with some crafting in preparation for this big day. What a month, we had to rush for the new house to be ready and we had to clear up our old place too. All in all a wonderful, tiring & happy experience for all 3 of us.

I'm sorry, the new template has been driving me nuts!!!! Images and text seem to have a life of their own!