Sunday, April 22, 2012


Building the cupcake tier is probably one of the most requested tutorial I've always been asked to post. One of the advantages of building your own cupcake tier is so that you can embellish and build a tier that is able to host a certain amount of cupcakes and according to the theme of the party. It is inexpensive because the materials are easily found in craftshops and with a bit of imagination you can upcycle it for the next event. Here goes...

Before you start, I suggest a simple sketch of your tier. How many cupcakes do you want to house on this tier? I have a rough idea what styrofoam shapes are available in the craftstores. Always build from the bottom up, start with a bigger and thicker base and slowly go upwards with smaller bases. Place a few empty cupcake liners to see the placing. Make sure the base is large enough to support the weight of cupcakes on the top layers. Try pressing the edges to see if the base will tip if one side of the cake tier is empty. Tipping is a big no-no, so make the top layer smaller. Each layer should be tall enough to house a cupcake with a mound of cream on the top. Measure with an empty cupcake liner and imagine the buttercream height plus fondant piece if any.

Sometimes you will find ready formed styrofoam pieces you can add on as a topper. This heart styrofoam was skewered with a satay stick onto the top layer to see if the proportion is right for the whole ensemble.

Top view of the tier. See the arrangement of the cupcakes.

I usually do a simple draft of the cupcake tiers so placing the cuppies on that day will be super easy. The chart also determines how much cupcakes goes to which tier.

I decided to fill this heart with miniature paper roses.

Puncture the styrofoam with a toothpick before pushing in a rose.

I covered the layers in PVA foam. They look fondant covered. Double sided tape works best. Matching ribbons all round to cover the edges of the styrofoam layers. Glue the layers together with Styrofoam glue, stick some bamboo skewers in the middle and drive them right through layer to layer. This will ensure the tier will dry stuck together, to avoid gaps in between, weigh the cupcake tier down with weights when drying. I used my hubby's weights for this. Leave this for a day or two to dry. Do not skip this, the stability of your tier depends on your drying time. The drying time is slow, but it really is secure.

There are many ways you can embellish the tier. One of the easiest is using stickers. 3D stickers now come in an exciting variety of sizes and colours. I collect them whenever I spot a potential design that will complement a theme. For Isabelle's pink tier I used this sparkly foam alphabet stickers. I used sewing pins to hold each letter up. It'll be fantastic if you have translucent picks.

I added roses on each tier to complete the look. Secure the flowers with pins. This is crucial so when you move the tier, nothing falls out.

Pinned a felt butterfly sticker to the heart and secured more cascading roses. Think proportion! Think Presentation!

The finished tier. HAPPY TRYING!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baby ISABELLE'S Full Moon Party : MARCH 2012

My cousin's little princess celebrated her full moon a week before our Singapore Trip. I baked white velvet cupcakes for the little party complete with a cupcake tier.

Nigel took a candid shot of his greatgrandfather. With my parents on holiday in Taiwan, we picked them up for the party this time.

Busy arranging the cupcakes and placing the delicate fondant on top as soon we reached the party.

Nigel experimenting with the camera.

Self portrait.

My aunts and my grandparents.
Very nice blouse, po-po!

Close up of cupcakes.

White velvet cuppies with cream cheese!

Butterflies & roses.

The cake tier.

The avid photographers.
I find placing a card with the cupcake description helpful, so I don't have to repeat 'White Velvet' a few hundred times. LOL!

Made the name using pins on sparkly alphabet stickers.

Pickled ginger and red eggs.

Shen-ni's father in law and niece.

Nigel sketching and wondering when it is time to eat. We were hungry!

Popo greeting guests.

Long time to see.

Catching up with Uncle Peter's mom.

More close ups.

The swirl looks delish!

Wake up Isabelle...

It's your party and you're snoozing...

Awwww.... Isn't she just adorable. HUGS! & KISSES!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Universal Studio & Marina Bay Sands | Singapore Trip 2012

 A torrent of posts will be coming up soon, but before I begin with all the crafting and baking I've accomplished this month, I'm posting about our much needed break. Stan's first real holiday in many years! Our drive down to Singapore was really an enjoyable trip. Here are the photos...


We found our way through the many underground parking bays in Sentosa Island. They have the biggest parking  bays in the world! All underground.

A gloomy first day.

The drive down took us less than 4 hours.

Me and my naughty pumpkin.

We had to lug our stuff across the playground. Note to self : Next time must drive to the entrance lobby first before parking underground.

Nigel at the lobby. It's a little cafe next to the entrance. We checked in while he waits in style.

The Transformer Convention was on, so our holiday package came with 2 tickets to this SO BORING CONVENTION!

All the hotels within Sentosa are well connected. You go through many impressive corridors and designer hallways.

We had a quick lunch at the Malaysian Foodcourt.

The food court really looked like the streets back home. Chinatown in a miniature scale. Had to take a picture of this poster.

Apparently very good Nasi Lemak.

Bird cages hanging everywhere. Really reminds me of the petshop in Chinatown.

Pork fat in epic sizes!

Indulging in the world's most famous popcorn. Very expensive liao!
Queuing up to enter the convention.

He does not look amused at all.

Toys and more toys.

They featured Optimus Prime in full height. But we weren't impressed. Did not look like him at all! Disappointed...we left as soon as we got in.

Checked in at Festive Hotel and found our room quite fun! Nigel has a little bunk bed of his own. NICE!

Testing out the bed.

Checking out his bunk bed. Again!

Nice view of the pool.

Enjoying the pool. Cool evening and not very crowded.

The hotel on the outside.

There's a kiddy pool next and complete with waterworks.

Check out these macro shot!

Even the corridors are fancy.

We zoomed across to Vivo City by train and we had dinner at the Food Republic.

Yummy beef noodles.

Woke up really early so we can beat the queue.

The foggy effect at the entrance.

Bored already! I think we were a little early, so we decided to take a walkabout.

Candy shops everywhere!

Looks like it rained lollies!

This truck delivers candy. FOR REAL!

The M&Ms party.

Taking a big gigantic bite!

Jelly belly and Nigel.


Checking out the place.

Hard Rock Cafe ahead.

Everything is covered and shaded. So rain or shine you can still shop and play.

You wonder how these tree can grow so well in a shaded place like this.

Went outdoors to check on the Hard Rock famed guitars and the cable cars.

Maybe next trip round.

YEP! Finally got in after our walkabout. The queue was not too bad.

First thing that caught my eye. A big red truck selling POP CORN.

Lovely facades.

Grand entrances.

Notice the ship wreck at the back. MADAGASCAR here we come.

Love the signages around. See that plane tangled above the tree.

First ride of the day.

Woo hoo!

Shrek's home sweet home.

Nigel nervously approach the entrance, just in case Shrek decides to pop out.

I Like Casa de Wild!

At the entrance of the castle Fairy land.

Mr. GG all drunk and drooly.
Hey you! Wake up and give me ma ticket.
The 4D was awesome! Lot's of spitting!

A Majestic entrance to the 3D theatre.

A little fooling about.

3D glasses on and ready.

Some pre-show briefing before the 'torture'.

We grabbed one just for Hayley-B.

Caught a glimpse of Fairy Godmother.

I love these A-board signages all over the place.

A junk food carriage. How cool!

Bye, bye! Far Far away.

At the entrance of Jurassic Park.
Massive scupltures everywhere.

An adventure for us too. You have to go for all the rides. But prepared to be wet! So bring your own ponchos or pay S$3 each.

The Mummy next.

Incredible statues and props.

Scariest ride ever!

Props and scenes all set up just like in the movies.

Nigel taking the front wheel. BORING RIDE THIS ONE.

Entrance to the scariest and darkest ride you'll ever ride. Not the G force, but the superb SFX!

My stomach feels funny, mom.

There's a locker next to this ride. Since it's a high velocity ride, no bags allowed. But when we were there. someone complained that their locker was open and her camera was taken. So Stan decided to hold on to our bags and left me with Nigel on this so so scary ride.

Walking around the place, you'll find quirky cars parked here and there for you to take photos.
Nigel, getting a ride on a yellow cab.
Shops and restaurants in many many themes and concepts.

We were given a voucher for some goodies.

The streets are covered. So rain or shine!

We found a rack of hats for you to try on.

Old school police car.

Checking out the interiors. Maybe someone left the key there.

Looking cool by a vintage.

Another vintage car.

At Mel's diner.

Best burgers ever!


While you eat, be entertained. Live jukebox! I think they were called the Dinetts!

Our next big ride!

Bumble bee parked right out here for you to take photos.

Sci Fi City's entrance. COOL!

Getting a briefing before the awesome 3D ride!

Getting a little nervous as we approached the ride.

Nigel trying his hands on opening the safe.

BEST RIDE EVER!!!! 3D motion and ride in one.

Having some new age dessert.

Ice cream in pellet form. This flavour had popping rocks inside.

Nice red store front. Imagine one in PINK! and A Crafting Store. Hmmmmm.....

Souvenir shops stand.

Entrance to a non existing library. We somehow figured out that some of these randomly huge building facades are actually the backs and covers of rides and cinema theatres. As you walk about, you'll notice that these massive indoor rides or cinemas are well hidden and camouflaged by these beautiful facades.

Beautifully lined streets.
Nigel meeting Charlie Chaplin for the first time.

He really looks Black and White!

Can I have my hat back, please!
Rock and Roll!

The advantages of getting an Express Pass!

Ran off to this show after.

We were late, so we got to the faraway seats.

But as soon as we started, thank God we're at the back. Water were literally splashed on you on the first few rows!

Action packed movie style.

It's just like in the movie Waterworld.

Lot's of stunts and pyro effects!

The entrance to Waterworld.
The surroundings outside. And the heart stopping ride!

Some hidden facades.

The castle far far away.

Stopped for cotton candy.

Look at that face!
Hitting some sugar high.

This musuem is by far the coolest musuem ever. We received tickets with our holiday package, so we decided to give it a try eventhough the aquarium is not complete yet.

Boats everywhere.

You get each a passport to chop as you visit country to country.

Ship ahoy!

Interactive boards everywhere. You get to play games and learn about our roots.

The biggest top ever.

This feels like Noah's ark, but actually was a ship heading back to China with gifts from an African King.

Nigel's first musuem visit.

Even the floor is interactive.

Tea anyone?

To show you how massive this structure really is.

Pretty quiet here.

Shopping around.

Crafting stations.

Nigel learning Origami.

Walkway to the Typhoon Theatre. MUST GO AND SEE! Fun experience. Will not spill the beans here. Go experience it yourselves.

MARINA BAY SANDS : One Night Experience
Our room on the 37th floor.
Electronic curtains and all.

The view beyond.

In time to capture the sunset.

Can feel my heart pounding everytime I step near the window.

Very spacious toilet.

Shopping below.

Andy Warhol exhibition going on.
A walk outside where a lot was going on that day. What a beautiful sight and ending to our short holiday in Singapore. We even took a train down to Doby Ghaut for my crafting shopping at Spotlight. And to my delight, they were having a 30% storewide sale. AWESOME!