Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baby ISABELLE'S Full Moon Party : MARCH 2012

My cousin's little princess celebrated her full moon a week before our Singapore Trip. I baked white velvet cupcakes for the little party complete with a cupcake tier.

Nigel took a candid shot of his greatgrandfather. With my parents on holiday in Taiwan, we picked them up for the party this time.

Busy arranging the cupcakes and placing the delicate fondant on top as soon we reached the party.

Nigel experimenting with the camera.

Self portrait.

My aunts and my grandparents.
Very nice blouse, po-po!

Close up of cupcakes.

White velvet cuppies with cream cheese!

Butterflies & roses.

The cake tier.

The avid photographers.
I find placing a card with the cupcake description helpful, so I don't have to repeat 'White Velvet' a few hundred times. LOL!

Made the name using pins on sparkly alphabet stickers.

Pickled ginger and red eggs.

Shen-ni's father in law and niece.

Nigel sketching and wondering when it is time to eat. We were hungry!

Popo greeting guests.

Long time to see.

Catching up with Uncle Peter's mom.

More close ups.

The swirl looks delish!

Wake up Isabelle...

It's your party and you're snoozing...

Awwww.... Isn't she just adorable. HUGS! & KISSES!!!!

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Sheila A. said...

Beautiful family photos. Thank you for sharing.