Monday, April 09, 2012


GOSH! It's just too fast the way things are moving. We celebrated Nigel's 9th birthday end of February and it felt like it was just yesterday that he learnt to say his first word, "Ball!". Yep, that's Nigel's first word. In fact, Nigel did not go goo-goo-ga-ga or mutter baby talk, did not bother to learn how to crawl, he just pronounced his first word fluently and just learnt to stand up and shuffle right away. That is how fast my baby is growing. I miss that chubby fella!

We organised a virtual game of bowling. I think everyone enjoyed themselves tremendously!

Uncle Peter having a good laugh.

My aunt told us that Uncle Peter used to woo girls at the bowling alley with his skills! LOL!

2 still standing.

Nigel giving it a go.
My grandparents enjoying the scene. It's been a long time since our family sat together and played games. We used to play carom and have very exciting ping-pong tournaments at their home every weekend when the family got together.

The chocolate giveaway at the end of the party. I found these little pegs at a local DIY shop.

Made some awesome signs.

Even found this gigantic bowling pin and transformed it into a trophy for the winner.

We had barbecue! YUMMY! That's just the leftovers. We all forgot to take photos!!! Duh. And Auntie Chris made the best Caesar Salad!


Even Uncle Anthony had fun!

Check out the intensity. LOL!


Get, Set...

Ai yo!

This was so much fun!



Ai say man!

Check out the pose.

Hey, When is it my turn???
Mummy Victoria also giving it a go.

Uncle David too!

I think she did quite good too.

The Birthday Boy!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NI! He's turning 9 and all is FINE.

Auntie Josie baked this decadent chocolate cake.
My little family + plus Hayley B.

Chocolate cake and ice cream!
Close Up of the best chocolate cake in the world!

Another shot just in case you did not get a piece.

Opening his pressies.

Thanks Unca Meow!

Grace and her glorious bowling pose.

Stan did not miss out on the fun too.

We all know that Dad has been practicing hard! LOL!


See that SHMUCK face. Hahahaha!

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