Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mug Rug Exchange | Coin Pouch Experiment | Friendship Bag Exchange & Everything Else!

I received my mug rug from Nik about a month ago, and since I have an hour to spare. (Woke up at 3am this morning to bake for Isabelle (my 1 month year old niece!) I'd better post all my crafting before the big post I have in mind for this fabulous cupcake tier I just completed. And my new camera!!! (Yep! I finally got a good one.) Unfortunately the photos here were taken before my latest purchase. So bear with me as I learn and experiment with my new cam. These photos are still taken with my Iphone.
The goodies and the mug rug I received from Nik. Thanks! Nik, LOVE THE REDS!
The Front of the Mug Rug. Gorgeous fabric choice!

Even the back is so neat and tidy.

Love the embroidery work here!

I saw this here

I'm amazed at how tiny it really is. Makes a good keepsake pouch for tiny teeth.

Wanted to make a few...

Then it got a little tedious. Lot's of handsewing.

It's really the size of a macaron.

Even Stan was amazed!
Yeah! Cheering for me! Little Hayley learns to clap.

I re-upholstered my mom's rattan chair. I've been keeping hoarding this Ikea fabric for ages!
Made my mom some kitchen curtains.

The kitchen bar stools as well. These needed a facelift.
The tote bag I made a year back is now Hayley's toy sack.


I received this from Diane recently. It's the NNC Frienship Bag Exchange. All we need to do is sew a simple bag and stuff it with crafting goodies.

Look at that stash! I'm so embarassed I sent mine so late. I hope she receives her's soon.

It's a bag of sunshine!
A Pen with my name on it. How grand is it to have your name on a pen!

Fabrics and a great big roll of yellow buttercream yarn! YUMMY!!!! THANKS DIANE!!!!! LOT'S OF HUGS & KISSES FROM KUALA LUMPUR!!!!!


zarina said...

Love what you've received for the giveaway and love that coin purse. Mighty small but lovely.

Margaret wong said...

Oh my!!! What wonderful Exchanges! Love the mug rug from Nik, great idea. And the goodies from Diane!!! And mostly, the macaroon coin purse, amazing and sooooo cute!!!! Do I get one for being the first to comment ???? LOL!

Astrid said...

Lots of goodies here; looove the mug rug and the friendship bag, gorgeous! OOOh that tiny little macaron coin purse... so cuuuute!

Clare said...

Beautiful blends of colour, I just love the yellows in one of the pictures.
Thankyou for sharing your beautiful creations.