Thursday, August 20, 2009

August Report : More Booties & A Great Meeting With Friends Who Craft!

Looks like I've been neglecting my blog. But I've been busy with these...

Wei Ling is a new Aunt. To celebrate her new born niece, she wanted a set of baby gifts just like the one she ordered the last time for her friend. I had to indulge her with a few more extras. What's inside this gorgeous box?

Ta da! It's the usual 3 in one set but in a cutesy pink theme:Baby booties | Headband | Coin Pouch. I added a onesie pajama as a special gift.

Close up of the coin pouch. I love how the button matches the whole set.

The whole set.
I love the embroidery on children's clothings. I often wondered how the machines do it so neat and nice. Makes me wish I own a super duper embroidery machine!!!

Last Saturday we had a stitchbee. Here are some photos...

Sabariah teaching tatting lessons impromptu.

We had some fantastic cupcakes! Took 3 home to makan, thanks to Sabariah for her Tupperware. Hail the tupperware queen!!!

Janet, Margaret and Rose were there too. Everyone was showing off goodies, books, patterns, projects and sharing good company!

We all had a great time joking around and going about our crazy passion!

Sabariah showing off her beautiful crysanthemum cross stitch piece.

Margaret giving out pressies from Diane. Thanks Diane for the wonderfully expensive flosses!

Lillie with her new buttons she bought from my store. It was lovely meeting you!

Alynn's little angel. She's an incredible kid, so well behaved!

Proud mommie with so many gifts! She by the way received my pincushion jar, an exchange I organised. We had the exchange on that day itself.

All the jars in a row. Supposed to be baby food jar - but I think we all got carried away! Hahaha As usual!
That's my jar from Paul on the right. Paul you've outdone yourself again! Your jar from Rose is still with me. Shall I send it to you next week?

In my haste to complete my jar I totally forgot to take any pictures of it, thank goodness for Alynn! I stole this from her blog. I had to do 3 attempts to glue the pincushion to the tin top. Eventually UHU glue works best. The trick is to wait for both sides of the glue surface dries a little before I press them together. Have them sandwiched between two heavy books overnight and you've got them pretty secure. Don't bother with glue guns! They'll just pop back up!

All the buttons I have when into this magical jar of buttons! Lucky Allynn!!! LOL!

The box my jar came in! I love grossgrain ribbons!!!