Saturday, October 27, 2007

FREE Greeting Card Download - Just Add Buttons!

I love buttons and I'm inspired every time I see them scattered all over. Just love to shuffle them around and like candy, they're just irresistible. So with so so many of em, I'm constantly using them for adorning handmade stuff and these sweet cards just make a nice project. Brighten someone's day by giving them a card adorned with your favourite buttons! All three designs come with a separate miniature tag with the same graphics. Just download to your desktop, set to print on your favourite A4 stock card. Matt photo paper works well with these designs. Sew on some buttons and voila... handmade greeting cards. Do remember to put in your own messages too. Enjoy! Click the link 'ALL THREE CARDS' to download.

Go to the link I've provided and download the pdf files. The cards should fit in an A4 size cardstock of your choice. Check if your printer can take heavier gms paper. Don't want to ruin your printer.

Set to print according to your paper texture. The colours are a bright pastel.

Bring out your buttons to play. Mix and match as you like.

Use your imagination. Add as many as you like. Arrange on your card to get the right size buttons to adorn.

Start with punching two or four holes (according to the holes on the buttons) on the front with your needle. This is an important step to make. It will ease the needle through on the underside. Knot your embroidery floss and you're ready to sew.

Hold button with finger when stringing through. Avoid sharp tugs and careful with the fingernails. Holding on to the button when you pull the thread through will stop accidental creasing. Cards crease very easily and they're irreparable. So Careful here.
Go twice on the button and knot with a simple loop. Snip off.

Cut the card, and make the necessary creasing lines by scoring lightly with the back of your blade to make the middle folds. The thicker the card, the more you have to score the middle. Folding without scoring will cause rippling on the fold.

Voila! The finished cards.
Buttons! Buttons! Blissfull Buttons!
Brighten someone's day by sending them an unexpected card. Nothing beats a handmade card for a friend on an Unexpected Occasion.

Nigel had to post this. It's his morning parade while I made the cards.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happiness in Little Things.

I've finally finished my piano cover, that was a big *$$ project for the month of October. It took like more than three weekends to complete (that's because the piano is at my mom's house and I only could sew it on Sundays.) My piano looks like it's wearing a bridal dress. Will post some pictures later. It was a sewing overdose and I was kinda stuck for ideas for a special NNC anniversary gift exchange and until yesterday...aha! (I'll keep that a secret until we come back from our holiday in Phuket.) But for now, it's the little things that are keeping me busy and blissfully happy....
Nigel enjoying waffles at Sunway Pyramid. My favourite waffle shop! The Belgian Pecan waffles or the chocolate waffle is a must-try.
Shopping seems to be our favourite pasttime nowadays. (and eating!) Here's Nigel and my mom cuddling up for a good pic.
Two crafting pouches for my mom's friend. It's from the scrap material I collected from Emily's old office. It's all this upholstery and curtain fabric, bits and pieces of everything imaginable.
Vintage buttons and velvet ribbons.
And here's Nigel still in his diapers and Uncle Meow's Clown shoes. His fav! I was going through a load of old files and found this in the folder titled 'First three years' folder.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Po-Po!

We celebrated our grandmother's birthday last week and it was a nice family gathering at my grandfather's favourite restaurant. But before we left for dinner it was dessert first, it's just too noisy to have the cake cutting later. So the highlight of the evening... a slice of birthday cake beautifully made by Auntie Josie.

Popo opening presents!

We gave her a Sushi set that comes complete with utensils and a DVD guide. She's already planning what to cook the following Sunday.
Our grandparents together. Aren't they romantic!
Nigel and Uncle Meow joining in.
Happy Birthday Po-Po! God has blessed us through you. Love from ...ALL OF US.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fooling Around With My New IMac

This is what you do when you first lay hands on your new IMac. I had it maxxed out and it's on turbo. Blogging is a breeze!!!!Seeing doubles?
This is so cool! (No one is watching..better snap , snap!)
So weird! Check out my waistline. Hmmm....Virtual slimming?