Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Celebrating 101 Posts with A Lovely Card!

I was keeping this card for my 101 posts and today is the day! All the way from Johore - Ying's card says it all. Thanks Ying! Visit her blog here...

Ah! And Thanks to NNC my card to Ying made it to 'Picture of the month'. Here are the photos of my first card exchange.
The supplies I received from Ying as part of the challenge.

I stole some black paper clips from Nigel's stationery (I wonder why he needed them in the first place!) Had to throw away the first few - yep, this needs practice.

Drafting my imaginary dress on tracing paper.
I had to clips joined so the thread binds the mini hanger together.
Assembling the dress and messing around with the composition. Thank goodness for 3M stick glue! Love that stuff, it's purple when applied and dries clear and absolutely no creases!!
A dress with a little lace. That's me, I love laces but you'll never catch me wearing lace.

A surprise inside. Making full use of my craft punches I've been collecting.

A pocketful of blessings for Ying!

All packaged and ready to go.

My finished card. A little dreamy dress complete with a rick-rack sash.


janet c said...

A great tutorial. Thanx.

Ayou said...

lovely card u have there. Love it.
I love receiving handmade card and its some lovely.

Introduce you a good place to visit, related to swaping your crafts which i have recently into

Have fun

Ying Pang, said...'s suprise to see my card featured at your 101 posts!! Thank you very much Mel, hope that we could swap more cards!

kitkat said...

a bit of backdated commenting. love this card - it's so delicate and detailed.

Jo Mason said...

Yoonie, you are a genius!!!
I'm enthusiastic about your ideas!
I love it.
Kisses from Italy