Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happiness in Little Things.

I've finally finished my piano cover, that was a big *$$ project for the month of October. It took like more than three weekends to complete (that's because the piano is at my mom's house and I only could sew it on Sundays.) My piano looks like it's wearing a bridal dress. Will post some pictures later. It was a sewing overdose and I was kinda stuck for ideas for a special NNC anniversary gift exchange and until yesterday...aha! (I'll keep that a secret until we come back from our holiday in Phuket.) But for now, it's the little things that are keeping me busy and blissfully happy....
Nigel enjoying waffles at Sunway Pyramid. My favourite waffle shop! The Belgian Pecan waffles or the chocolate waffle is a must-try.
Shopping seems to be our favourite pasttime nowadays. (and eating!) Here's Nigel and my mom cuddling up for a good pic.
Two crafting pouches for my mom's friend. It's from the scrap material I collected from Emily's old office. It's all this upholstery and curtain fabric, bits and pieces of everything imaginable.
Vintage buttons and velvet ribbons.
And here's Nigel still in his diapers and Uncle Meow's Clown shoes. His fav! I was going through a load of old files and found this in the folder titled 'First three years' folder.

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