Saturday, January 28, 2012

Christmas Glass Pebbles & Chinese New Year Lion Heads

I know it's the oddest of topics, but I made some wonderful glass pebbles for my family members last Christmas as tags and have forgotten to blog about it. And since it's Chinese New Year now, I just have to blog about these wonderfully cute cupcakes I made for the celebrations too.

Printed rows and rows of images I stole from their Facebook!

Cut them to size. Found these pebbles from Daiso but did not have enough so had to make a trip to Multifilla.

Magnets for the back of the pebbles.

I used Modge Podge to secure the image to the flat side of the glass pebble. These were a set just for Alistair. Do you see Eddie?

Before Chinese New Year, my garden was a grand mess. Stan decided to give our little garden a little plastic surgery. LOL!

Who would have thought that fake grass will look so real.

Mind you though, the plants are the real deal! If they had fakes that good looking I would have thought about it too.

Love the flowering hedge around.

Ah! My forever green garden. We could have a little stitch bee here. What say you, Paul?

This Chinese New Year, I discovered how incredible a rhombus can become.

See the lantern taking shape.

Between laughing at some poor English translations I managed to figure out some wonderful lantern patterns using a plain simple rhombus fold of a red packet. How talented the chinese are! Will take a nice shot of all the lanterns I've made later to show you what I mean about these wonderful creations.

The mess on my kitchen table.

All that research on making toppers for the new year. Looks like I still can sketch some. LOL!

Some white chocolate piping. This was really fun to experiment. I printed out the chinese 'Fook' aka 'prosperity' and traced the wordings in one good stroke. Edible Calligraphy! How 'bout that!

Some mandaring oranges. A little whimsical but aren't they just the cutest!!!

Lion heads all in a row.

They look kinda majestic.

We also celebrated our Grandfather's 83rd birthday.

I made the topper out of a Shangri-la moon cake box motif.


Macadamia Honey cupcakes with the Chinese New Year themed toppers.

Close up shot of the cuppies.

GONG XI FATT CHAI everyone! May you have a blessed year ahead!!!

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The Heart of Paul said...

Yes let's have a stitching bee in your garden siap dengan picnic spread and all! But can we sit on the grass? Won't they get broken? LOL