Saturday, January 28, 2012


This is not happening. A blog post a month is just not acceptable, so I make a tiny pledge that I will do this more often than a fortnightly ritual. But before I start, I have to backlog all my postings into one gigantic one. So between some frantic crocheting and baking adventures, there were some celebrations and cool crafting time as well. All the great 'C's I must add!

We sneaked off to Carey Island (The first 'C') for some Crabs!

Brought along my dearest Hayley for a little adventure off the Coast.

Here's Nigel enjoying Marmite Crabs.

'Stop taking photos! Mom!' Digging into that yummy Claw!

While we ate, Hayley decided to catch some nap time.

Here's dad enjoying a Coconut! (How many 'C's already???)

Some Tawashis being made as I worked. This was a month before Christmas.
Some toppers for cupcakes. My dear neighbor ordered some for her office party.

I wanted them dainty and cute.

Yummy Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes all Christmassy.

Love sprinkles on cupcakes. I think it adds a little jazz.

Chocolate ganache on fudge.

All boxed and ready to go. Thanks Janet for ordering them!

Mug cozies for Christmas. Love that shade of grey, must remind myself to get more of them yarns.

A week after, a tote full of tawashis.

Gosh! This was way back in November. A little order for a hen's party. Guess the theme!??

Red soldiers in a row.

Blood red apples and ribbons.

Wolverine paws and lily. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

Hand painted for the first time. Still good with brushes, right? Some of you who knows me - I do paint a little.

Check out the presentation!

These are eggless cupcakes by the way.

Thank God for the toppers, eggless cupcakes do not brown very well. They were kinda pale but tasted darn nice!
We were in Penang for a short weekend. My dear uncle passed away the day after we were there, so we ended up attending a funeral in Penang too. My condolences to the Yee family.


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