Thursday, December 14, 2006

My little elf!

Finally a break from work and crafting. We decided to take our christmas tree out of its hiding place. Nigel was so excited he helped out all the way. He was so busy pulling out packages and baubles, laughing as he hung all the tree trimmings. Not a care in the world, clustered trimmings, knots and broken pieces didn't bother him at all. If he could whistle.. I'm sure it would have been a fine tune.

Anyway, I bought some trimmings from Petaling Street (our Chinatown) and they were much cheaper but less fancier (didnt really mind that, I was going for simple!). Much of the shelves were already emptied. Wow, really need to do this earlier next year. Noticed a few new colours in the range, pastels and purples, bronze and copper. Hmmm... too sophisticated for my 4ft tree. Maybe next year I'll get a bigger tree first.

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