Friday, March 13, 2009

Nigel's Sports Day 2009

The last sporting event in his pre-school years was held last Saturday at the Pudu Ulu park. Nigel had high hopes of winning the sporting event he was taking part, but due to a silly mistake by one of the helpers the team emerged 1st runner up. Winner or not, he gave it his best and for any parent - that's a champ at heart! So here are some of the photos of the beautiful day...

Nigel and his trophy! Believe me he practised at home. Part of his event was to dress-up a team member, so we had a mock button-up practice run at home. It was fun training with him!

Walking in the parade. Go! Blue Team! Go!

Ruun Jan is in year 4 and she won a Gold!!! Way to go girl!!!

Dad prepping up Nigel for the big event.

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