Thursday, May 11, 2006

May Birthday Celebration!

Last Sunday we celebrated the birthdays of Auntie Dorcas, Stan, Shen-ni, Jessica and Faith. As usual we had a lot to eat and the theme was Asian fusion noodle fare. Auntie Josie made Vietnamese Beef Noodles (her painstaking effort in removing all the bean-sprouts tail is much appreciated - her maid was on holiday so she had to wake up at 4am to start preparing!) And the gorgeous pineapple cake was simply - Divine. (For catering services - Josie Bakes is in action and orders are welcomed!) That is not all, Mom made her Thai-meehoon salad and of course, I made Tom Yam Seafood pasta (with mussels and all).

As you can see, everyone had a bowl of yee-yee's vietnamese noodles. Still thinking about that wonderful beef broth and all that succulent beef!

Close-up shots of the spread. Yum-yum.

Can you imagine, we do this every Sunday.

And no dinner is complete with my Mom's Sea Coconut Dessert. I think she does this especially for Nigel. (It's one of his many many favourites.)

Ooohh! The most delicious pineapple sponge cake ever!!!! Thanks yee-yee, we all had double our share.

Yoga after dinner? Nigel and Faith seem to have a lot of energy after a heavy meal.
And here's Jessica trying out her new flip-flops, the ones that come attached to a base when it's cut from a giant foam piece thingy.

I think everyone had a blast. See you this Sunday!

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