Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Brilliant Works of A German Textile Designer

Stefanie Siebert is my idol! Lucky me, the website comes complete with an English version.
She was featured in a Burda magazine many years ago and as I was cleaning up my cabinet of magazines last night - I found my long forgotten article. (Yes, I actually have a massive collection of Burda, Martha stewart and other craft books stored in a big cabinet!)

It's all about needles, fabric and lots of fantasy. I've posted some pictures here for all crafters to admire. Some of the designs are just whimsical and uniquely her style. I just love her fabric foodstuff. She's brilliant. And these are all for rent, they've appeared on shopping windows, musuems and exhibitions.

Look at the details. The orange wedges and the petit fours. Yummy.

Freaky characters are all life-size human figures!

A window display, the more you stare, the more alive they seem.

Everything is handmade and one of a kind.

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