Monday, January 24, 2011

FLASHBACK 3 : Nigel The Artist | Our Christmas

This is how far back my postings are. Forgive me for the long overdue posts. This is my final one for year 2010. Such a belated New Year to you all!

Sketching has become his best pastime hobby. Nigel has become quite an apprentice.

One of his many many many drawings I kept aside.

Trying out some figure drawing. He still draws stick man once in awhile.

Our Christmas Tree this year is a 7 footer!

Thanks Margaret for the lovely cross stitched ornament. It's a beautiful and meaningful housewarming gift!

My Christmas tags for this year. I had pictures of the recipient printed onto film and mounted on silver cardstock. Love the snowflake brads.

A little Christmas deco on my stairs. I had too many baubles so had them bunched up into clusters with a little floral wire.

More tags and gift wrapping to do.

The wedding ring pillow I was making for Melissa & Kenneth.

Completed but not stuffed yet. I ran out of fibrefill and got it done the very last minute. I guess we will have to wait till the actual wedding post to see it again.

Snowflake fondant all over my table.

Honey Macadamia cupcakes cooling off.

A little frosting and chocolate drizzle won't hurt. Right?!

Hawaiian Coconut cupcakes anyone? Our annual Christmas party at popo's house begins with a lot of prep. From the food, the gifts and the annual contest we organise.

Macadamia cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Seems to be everyone's favourite."Hi, ya folks!" My grandad waving and greeting all his guests.

This is only but one bag of the many many many gifts under the Christmas tree.

The two pregnant 'aunties'. LOL!

There were quite a big number of people this year, so our dining extended to the back of the garden too. Yes, before we play, we EAT!
Listening to yours truly about the rules and regulations of the contest.

This year's contest started on the red carpet. Totally awesome experience! Only wished everyone could be back to join us. This is Nicky with his cool top hat and paper tux!

We literally had the red carpet. Thanks to Victoria for loaning us this cool carpet for the Red Carpet Challenge! That's Victoria in her Maternity designer wear.

Lady Gaga strutting down the red carpet. If only we took photos of her high heels.

Melissa in her fancy coat and tie ensemble.

Nigel the Brave Samurai. I asked him to run out there and chop someone's head down but he refused. He said that's impolite. LOL!

Spencer in a dress! Who would have thought that he could strut like that too. ROTFLOL!!!!! My grandma laughed until she cried when Spencer walked in with a dress complete with a hat and purse.

Justin the PIRATE! ARRRRGH!!!! Very skinny I am!

Ancient warrior of some kind. HAHAHAHAH! Doing the Saturday Night Fever.

Ms KLCC! Faith in a barbie doll outfit complete with earrings.

Alistair and his snow ball costume.
Rolling out into the audience. Looks more like hail to me. LOL!

Prize giving ceremony. This year everyone is a winner.

The grand prize goes to 'Auntie Spencer'! hahahahah.
Nigel thought he was the last 2 to win since it was announced before Spencer. He only knew when we were on the way home when I asked him how he felt when he won the 2nd prize. He was such a sport.

RM200!!!! That's the grandprize.


We also celebrated Alistair's birthday with a gorgeous cheesecake!
I gave Victoria a line of baby clothes. I pegged them to a line and had it tucked into a box. So cute right!
More fooling around!

Thanks! Everyone for being such good sport. I've been reflecting on all the years of organizing these contests and have to realise that without your generous contribution, sponsors and participation this wonderful evening will not be possible. Here's to another year of fantastic craftsmanship & friendship! CHEERIOS!!!!



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