Sunday, March 09, 2008

Photo Gallery of Nigel's 5th Birthday Party at Home

I just received the long awaited photos my bro took of our little birthday party for Nigel 2 weeks ago. Just some fun photos of his special day. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, pressies and for helping out on that day!

His special request for a chocolate covered sponge cake from Auntie Josie (Thanks!) so that he can decorate it his own. Marshmallow and colourful sprinkles!

Chef and chef assistant at work. We served pizza, hamburgers, salads and pastas. All of Nigel's favourite foods.

My cousins! Grace just got back from her wedding, look she's glowing like a newlywed. Sorry, no picture of Spencer here, will see him in May for a huge Kenduri.

My grandparents enjoying the pasta.

Of course we have to have the chocolate fountain, it's Nigel's special request. We only do this twice a year, for this birthday party and Christmas! Nicky having a nice chocolate dipped chunky cookie.

Thumbs Up! Thanks Meow and Victoria for the help and all that presents for Nigel. He's one blessed boy!!

The cake! Yummy chocolate sponge with peaches by Auntie Josie.

Nigel posing with his cake and a goodie bag. Will show you the tags on another post.

Don't they just love to open presents. It's cute how he uses his two feet for a good grip.

Uncle Meow trying to inflate the howerfloat he got for Nigel.
Having fun with his aunts and uncles!
This kid loves this two love birds like crazy!
Bopping about with his new toy!
Thanks Lucy and Marina. We've been reading this book every evening.

Popo and her precious (spoilt!) grandson!
Thanks AiLin! We made the kaleidoscope the very next day.

Cool shirt! Good taste!
Thanks Kenneth! I know it is hard to get him pressies, but that pen rocks. He carries it everywhere now.
Faith and Nigel testing out the float.
Stan and the spider gang!
Victoria taking a big gigantic chocolate bite!
Even Shanon has got a present for Nigel! So sweet!!!

He received so many gifts and he wants to personally thank everyone for a beautiful day. Thanks Shen-ni for the cool cookie recipe book that comes complete with so many cookie cutters (that is so cool!), and all the other gifts from friends and family who couldn't make it as well (and the angpows!!). Hugs for all from Nigel!!!

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