Monday, March 03, 2008

Nigel's Birthday & Cupcake Exchange NNC 2008

We had a small party for Nigel at school last Thursday and it was a simple one. Except for the Transformer cake he told everyone about before I ordered it. I went to three cake houses and finally I decided to just download the picture from a forum (Yikes, they do have a forum for Transformer fans out there!!!) and gave it to Angel cake house for a 1kg chocolate sponge cake. No fancy cake here, I doubt the kids will like cheese cakes and nutty ones.

Cutting the cute little cake. Look at the colouring on that cake! Everybody's mouth was blue after having a slice.

Waiting impatiently for his party to start. We only have 2o minutes and I was there 20 minutes earlier, so everyone was peeking at the door and wondering about the goodies I've brought.
The boy with the hand held up was the one who told me all about the Autobots and which planet they came from. (Wow, kids these days!)
Looks like everyone enjoyed the sandwiches and the drinks we brought.
This class can really eat! They whacked 45 pieces of sandwiches and a whole cake!!! They must me hungry.

On the very same day, I picked up my Cupcake exchange from Margaret. What a nice treat after a hectic day. This is what I received from Margaret of NNC. The exchange is about crafting a cupcake themed project of your choice for your partner and you must include a favourite recipe with your handmade item.

My first cupcake flatfold from Margaret. It's a beautiful cross-stitched cupcake embellished with tiny seed beads. Simply gorgeous - I can imagine having a little cupcake stand with my new flatfold by my side. I do! I do love cupcakes!!

Of course! Nigel received a pleasant surprise too. Now, he's into paper planes. This gigantic lolly is out of the bag too (I tried to hide it, but where can I hide a giant lolly like this?)!!!

I love the polka dot material! the Merigue topping! The Cherry! And the oh, so pink papercup!!
Thanks Margaret! For the three muffins too. Hmmmmm....Rockyroad muffin is mah favourite! Got to try the mini almond cake recipe from waitrose too!!


Barbara said...

Happy Belated Birthday to the little kiddo! :)

Lovely flat fold from Margaret, super finishing too :)

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