Monday, March 31, 2008

The Winner of The DIY Teddy Bear Kit Goes To....

As promised, here is the result of the draw...

Please e-mail your addie and I'll send it over right over!!!
Congratulations and Have Fun!!!! Thank you so much all of you who took part. There'll be more freebies in the future, I promise!!!! : )


Emily said...

And the winner is ME!!!!!

I had to check the list of comments and their authors first to see if I am the only Emily before I jumped up and down! hahahaha

Muaaahhs Nigel, so clever boy! Thank you, thank you!

Janet C said...

Congrats, Em. You know who the teddy will go to when you completed it! Am sure Nigel will be eagerly waiting for auntie Emily to bring his completed teddy back! lol.

yoonie at home said...

Hahah! Hurry Emily, Do email your addie to me so I can send it to you pronto!! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

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