Friday, March 14, 2008

How To - Goodie Bag Tags!

I've always enjoyed making the goodie bags for Nigel's parties and this is one of my favourites. Thanks to my brother's laminating machine (ah! The joy of laminating!), I've discovered a way to preserve the tags so that they can become bookmarks and are waterproofed. Of course, I've to get some nice shots of Nigel and a little photoshop helped to tweak it a wee bit.

Some photoshop fun. Nigel had fun watching his head grow and grow.

Using cheap photopaper, I arranged to have it printed so that I don't waste paper. Trimmed and ready to laminate.

While waiting for the laminating machine to heat, I sandwiched the photos into the films. Do this if you don't want to panic, if you're doing this on your own and in bulks. See the video and you'll see why you need everything prepared beforehand.

The best part, is watching the tags emerge perfectly laminated! Do wait for the red light to indicate that the machine is ready and is hot enough, if not, your laminates will appear bubbly.

This is my new toy, the tag puncher. Had these punched and tied together with the bigger tags.

Everyone received one! What's for next year? (headache! headache!)


Emily said...

Hi Mel, Nice cake, fun party, great gifts.....

Now kindly post a picture of that table by itself please!

And oh, Happy Belated Birthday Nigel!

Ciyou said...

that was so cute. Good idea you have there. Nigel looks so cute. Hehe.

Happy birthday Nigel althought its abit late

kitkat said...

Haha! So cool! Love your Nigel-with-a-big-head and your new toy ... I'm thinking of getting a tag 'maker' now ... hmmm. J's birthday coming up but I'm not going into anything of such a big scale :)

stargal said...

hello, i popped in from our ka fei dian. love your gift tags and what u did for your nigel (he's so cute, btw!).

anyway, just wondering, where did you buy your tag puncher from? would love one of those. so convenient!

yoonie at home said...

Thanks for visiting! I got the puncher from a Scrapbooking shop at One Utama. I think you'll find it at any scrapbooking store in the malls. They're quite pricey and comes in many shapes and sizes and brands. Have fun! Do keep in touch!!

Winnie said...

Hi, chanced upon your blog. Love all the things you done so far!! what a lucky boy, whose mother is so talented!!
BTW, do you mind share the tutorial on how you enlarged Nigel's head using photoshop please? I tried n tried, but just couldn't!! Did a search online, also to no avail. Hope you don't mind sharing. Greatly appreciated! Thanks!

yoonie at home said...

Hi! Winnie,

It's hard to blog about a photoshop tutorial. It will be quite confusing to do a step by step without screen snapshots and in this case, I use a Mac and most of you will be using a PC. Somehow the interface will be different. But will think about it and find a way to tute about photoshop! (that I think will require a new blog! LOL!)

Thanks Winnie!

winnie said...

Hi Mel,

Yeh, understand what you mean. ha ha... thanks ya! In the mean time,I'll continue to try my luck with Photoshop.

thanks again!

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