Friday, February 29, 2008

Yippee! Nigel Turns 5!

It was exactly 5 years ago I gave birth to this bundle of joy. Nicknamed 'poo-poo' King, Sir Fret-Alot & my little 'Bo-Bo' (Precious in chinese), Nigel has changed how we live our life. He drove us crazy, he's the only one who can make me cry and laugh at the same time. So, 5 years have passed and yesterday we celebrated his birthday in school, and I realise that people do change because of their kids! They're the disciplinarians and they teach you how to love - unconditionally.
Look at him. Isn't he adorable. At 7 months old, a truly happy baby who rarely cries. Nigel loves his little toes. So does his Poh-poh (grandma)!
Nigel with his first art attack model plane. He loves the classes. We went there right after the fantastic lion dance show at GE Mall.
AND last Christmas, my dad made him a Rubber-band gun. It's one of those home made toys you'll only get to play if your dad or grandpa is a DIY kind of guy. (Hey, maybe I inherited his DIY genes, and yes, I see traits of that gene in Nigel too!) Anyway, this is my dad's Christmas present to Nigel and it's his most precious favourite toy. Wait till you see the Jacob's ladder my dad made him for his birthday! Will post that as soon as Unca Meow passes me the photos he took on his birthday party last Sunday.

My dad (I'm so proud of him!) crafted this wooden toy and even had a 'N' carved into the handle. It took him weeks before he found the perfect wood to carve this little gun.
All you need is some targets - none moving ones preferably! Oh yes, lots of rubber-band ammo!!

See how the rubber band gun works right here!


Janet C said...

Happy Birthday to Nigel. Lots of {{{ HUGS }}}.

Richard and Mel said...

Happy Happy 5th Birthday from Uncle Rich & Melie Yee Yee. He certainly has grown - I will never forget the time when he poo-ed in my hand at the mall!

Nigel's gun looks cool! Uncle Rich has some tips on how to throw the longest paper plane - will teach him in Nov!

kitkat said...

Happy birthday Nigel! Sorry for the late posting though :( Anyway, the wooden rubberband-gun is amazing! What a fantastically creative family.

June said...

Lol, I used to play with those guns when I was young. This sure brings back the good old days. Feeling like I'm 5 today (minus the 0 at the back).

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