Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gifts From The Heart

I have had the privilege of receiving something special from a kindred blogging friend. She's a talented scrapbooking artist who specialises in beautiful paper crafts and cute little paperie projects. We met on the net and have been skype buddies and we had a little gift exchange
last year. I made a wabbit and a peachy tutu for her cute and adorable three year old and she made me these beautiful gifts. My very own blog name hanger, a very cute little note book for Nigel with matching dino stickers and some of my favourite stashing materials, tags and ribbons. Thanks Katherine for these little surprises and for your precious friendship too. Go visit her blog here at kitkatzmeow!

Her equally talented daughter made me a cute little card too. Well done 'Sica'!

1 comment:

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