Saturday, February 09, 2008

Grace & Spencer's Wedding Preparation

My dearest cousin, Grace is flying off this Sunday to the States to marry her 'mountain man' and all the preparations for her Valentine wedding began two weeks before. These are now on its way to her special home-made wedding. Have a beautiful wedding Spencer & Grace, we look forward to seeing all those lovely pictures your dad is going to take!!

The mess on my desk. These are the flowers we got from SSF (thanks, Victoria! for her privilege card. It was pretty cheap after 40% discount!!!) All laid out for some assembling.
The bridesmaid's hand bouquet. I was trying to mix orchids and some rattan twirls for a tropical feel. They turn out quite well, colour palette and composition wise.

I added a magical touch with the sequined birds perched on the side and finished it off with some flowing satin ribbons.
Took apart the orchid and replaced it with a chinese button and a little bling for Grace's hairpin. Here, you'll see I have the 'male' button (each chinese buttons comes with a male and female part), and I used the 'female' part of the chinese button for Spencer's bouttoneire.

Adding more bling to the smaller orchids and attaching it to a fine twisted comb. Super glue helps to secure the wires.
See how it blings!
The finished hairpin. A little Asian Oriental piece.
We changed the look of this wedding dress with a little flower embellishment. I hope it doesn't flatten out during its shipping over there (Keeping my fingers crossed and praying very hard!!!)

The flower girl basket, some boutonnaires and hairpin together.

Male and Female chinese buttons.

A little bird perched on the flower girl basket.

Gift tags for the home made chocolate favours. Please keep one for me - Grace!

The cake topper. All stuck to a piece of translucent plastic so she can just slide it to the top of the cake. It's a vanilla scented candle in the middle and surrounded by orchids.


vintage_vixen said...

I love these wedding preparations you have made, your cousin is going to look beautiful! I hope you will post some pictures of the big day!!!!

kitkat said...

Gosh! These are super-duper gorgeous ... such detailed pieces. Love them all!!!

Anonymous said...

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