Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Phuket Trip - Photos from My Dad's Camera

My parents' room was all decked out in orchids and fancy fruit bowls.
My dad had to take a photo of this. It's the bathroom mat!
What used to be open bare beaches of Patong is now filled with stalls and statues. I've been here 15 years ago and a lot has changed.
Notice the crowd and the stall set up for the Tourism Carnival opening.
Nigel fooling around with more dolphins.

My macho son and his curiosity over the bugs and insects served at this stall. He insist to have just one.
Without even hesitating, he took a fried silkwork and munched on it ! Eyeww! I asked how the maggot tasted - he just said, "Nothing. Like nothing!" with a cheeky grin. No shivers at all.
Shopping at Jungceylon, Patong Beach. We walked all the way and took the tuk-tuk back to the hotel for 200bht! It was due to the traffic too. Jungceylon is a brand new shopping mall. A huge one with a Junk ship right in the middle. This shopping mall closed at 12 midnight that day!

The next day we hired a tour guide and went looking for seafood. This is at Parli Restaurant, Chalong Bay.
Seafood and good view of the Andaman Sea. Coconut was only less than 10bht in the markets and they sell it here for almost 50bht!.
No tourists here. I think the trick to finding a good place to eat is to go to where there are more locals eating than foreigners.

Mom and dad enjoying the view. Chalong bay was protected from the tsunami by the surrounding islands. Notice the fishing boats around.

Another big shopping mall, Central Festival is in Phuket Town. I like the supermarkets here. Lots of varieties, both local and imported goods. We also buy a lot of Boots products from Thailand. Our favourite toiletries!
Back at old Robinsons. Bought two pairs of shoes from here. I can only find shoes that fit me in Thailand. Those who know me - I have really big size 9 feet!!! Nigel had some fun messing around with some power toys. Sorry, very expensive toys. Thais are very accommodating. No one stopped us when he was whizzing around on the floor in this cool motorized bike.
A late lunch at Phuket Bay restaurant. The pier was quite rickety and the whole place looks a little rundown - Food still good. I bet the restaurant was glorious ten years ago! See the fishermen's village behind.

Fireworks when we arrived and when we left. How grand is that!


Emily said...

Oooh! Absolutely lovely family pictures! Thanks for sharing! Accommodation looks good, food looks great! and you guys had great fun!

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