Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Christmas in November

That's right. Faizon spent months doing this for me and I'm so in love with all her delicate work. As NNC celebrated it's first anniversary (this is the gathering I missed because of my Phuket trip) we all exchanged gifts and all my friends had a wonderful time. Here are pictures of the lovely tatted pieces I received and the gifts I've made.

That's my favourite piece in the middle. Every snowflake is unique and designed by the talented FAIZON!
Breathtaking works of art. Notice the beads all around.
These will be up on my Christmas tree this year.

Look how delicate and beautiful each and everyone of them.

A beautiful pincushion also by Faizon. I don't think I'll ever poke any needles on this prized treasure.
Doilies that came with Faizon's gift for the exchange. All in my favourite colours.
Thank you Usha for these lovely bookmarks. Will use them right away! For my craft books of course.
Christmas on my floor. Awwww! I'm so very happy. And you'll notice... Nigel is at school when I did these photographs. I don't want no 4 year olds touching these precious pieces.

Sewing an applique onto Nik's craft pouch.
Sewing the zipper on. This takes some practice.
Making sure to zig-zag the hem to avoid frays.
The applique looks better than my crocheted pincushion. (That's for the gift exchange)
The larger craft pouch and the pincushion on the left went to Anna.
Close-up of the applique. I have a little piece of sponge underneath so that Nik can treat it like a pincushion as well.

A slice of pincushion cake for Nik in celebration of the Group's 1st Anniversary! Will be posting the tutorial soon complete with template.


Suzanne said...

Those snowflakes are incredible!

***Jon**** said...

I am glad you like them.

But, a small correction. I did not design all of them, only seven pieces as shown in the last group of photos.

Please, put up another picture of the tree when you have decorated it with these snowflakes.

kitkat said...

Hi there, I just chanced upon your blog today and I love it - such beautiful crafts! And to my surprise, you're from Malaysia ... so am I! Love your wabbit tutorial, it's got to be 1 of the cutest things - my DD will definitely love it!

kitkat said...

Thanks for visiting too. Would love make you something! I've left a note on your listed email add - let's keep in touch!

bloodyfairy said...

Wouah ! You're talented! It's so beautiful!!!