Monday, November 05, 2007

Christmas Family Gift Exchange

Hi Family, It's that time of the year!

We're planning the biggest family Christmas again this year. Most of you will be home for Christmas and for the second time now, we are doing the gift exchange with another new twist. Instead of gifts for the individual, it is a whole family affair. I've randomly drawn family names for the gift exchange, refer to the chart below for details. Family members will only have to buy ONE or accumulated gifts for the other designated family under a single budget. You may present the gifts in a big box or a basket with the family name labeled on top.

We will be including our other family members overseas, please keep in mind shipping or posting costs and timeline for these destinations. Addresses will be provided. Those who request to be excluded, please let yoonie know by 25th of Nov (and with a valid excuse!). If your name is not in the list and you wish to be included - do let us know, pronto!

Since you will be buying gifts for the whole family, and to ensure some consistency, it is suggested that each box of gifts amounts to RM160 or more. You may also give other gifts to other family members at your own discretion and generosity. Please don't forget about the kids!

This year's contest is about building your own Christmas tree. Surprise supplies will be given. You will be briefed on the rules and regulations on the day of the contest. Please choose 1 partner to participate. E-mail me your partners so that I can organise the supplies. You are also allowed to bring 1 secret weapon to decorate your tree. This year's present will be FANTASTIC - so join in the fun!!

ANY QUESTIONS? Leave a comment here or Email : or call me at 012-2815900. Thanks and Hope to see everyone soon!

Please let me know if I've missed out anyone. Thanks!!! The list with the Orange button on your left is the gift buyer and the list on the right with the pink button is the recipient!

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