Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Our Trip to Phuket

We celebrated my mom's birthday by whisking her off to Phuket for a weekend. It's really all about the food and shopping. The beaches were crowded due to the Carnival that started on the 1st and right on our holiday weekend. We stayed at Club Andaman of Patong Beach, it feels like the Holiday Inn at the Ferringhi Beach, Penang. With all the festivities going on at the beach, streets were lined with food stalls and the night market fare. Just like what you'll see on the Discovery and Living channel. Unfortunately for poor Nigel, he was down with the viral fever throughout the trip and was having fever spells on and off. So, no playing on the beach and the poolside. He was grouchy most of the time and his appetite was just at a major low. Here are some of the pictures from my camera. Most of it is in my parent's new camera. Sorry, not much outdoor photos here - it rained most of the evenings! But we still managed to watch a spectacular firework show complete with hundreds of floating lanterns on the launching of the carnival at the Patong beach.

Poor Nigel. He looks pumped up with Antibiotics!

Seafood lunch at Parli Restuarant at Chalong Bay. We had clams, lobster, prawns, kailan with salted fish and papaya salad - My favourite!
Dad having a good meal. Prawns are really fresh here.
The rice is absolutely fragrant and what you'd expect from Thailand, Asia's Rice Bowl!
Most seafood restaurants are seafront establishments. They're quite rustic in appearance but I guess they're pretty old. Parli Restaurant is a favourite local haunt and I think the food was just fantastic. Must try their seafood fried rice - Hmmmmm!

Happy Birthday Mom! A lobster for a cake.
The lobster up close. Best oven-baked in butter and garlic.
Nigel, trying to clear his plate.
My mom's favourite part of the meal.
We whacked everything!
This is in Phuket Bay Restaurant at Phuket Town. It is also a seafront restaurant but very tourisy, but nevertheless - good food too. The Homok is incredible, it's our Malaysian version of Otak-otak but with loads of seafood, crab, squid , oysters and fish. Very spicy but yummy.
Fresh prawns in ginger and fish sauce. Absolutely fresh out from the swimming tank at the restaurant. They have a wonderful way of cutting the prawns, The butterflied prawns are slit into half up to the tail and twisted in, so when it is cooked the prawns's meat is extruded and the sauce just soaks in. Mouth watering dish!
Stan enjoying his meal. All the salivating infront of the Travel and Living Channel, finally satisfied!!!!


djbebe said...

That looks like a great holiday - and I l love how organised you are with Christmas gift giving! I'm still in denial that it's just around the corner.

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