Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nigel's Year End Concert

Hi! This is really an overdue posting. Nigel's concert was like a month ago before we left for Phuket and here are the pictures. I didn't sew the costume, if you're wondering. Parents nowadays are pampered, costumes are now included in the school fees. I still remember having my parents prepare for our costume and some of the accessories were just handmade. It's now replaced by mass produced plastics and everything is store-bought. (Here I go again...)

Anyhow, I'm a proud parent that day. He was selected to present his class, thanks to his gift of the gap - He had to do it in our National Language, Bahasa Malaysia and the problem was that the entire class have yet to start on any BM classes. No kid could speak Bahasa and I wondered why the principal insist that the class have to be presented in BM? I had to change the speech that was prepared, imagine Nigel saying, " Mempersembahkan...." It went "Mempelememahbahatan..."LOL. Annoyed I simply changed it to, "Kami dari Kelas 4 Kuning akan menari tarian Melayu Lenggang Lenggang Kangkung!" And we recited this for a couple of weeks until he got it. And that's the only BM he knows currently. So, here goes...(and thanks to Uncle Meow for being there to take some cool shots.)

Nigel with his school teacher, Mrs. Chew.
He's a confident little man. I, on the other hand had my fingers crossed and his speech was running helter skelter in my head!
His entrance on the stage. Check out his Lenggang Lenggang Kangkung!
A huge stage didn't scare him at all. I'm beginning to think that he likes the limelight.
His fans. We were all so amused by all the kid's performance. My 5 year old niece was performing that day too and we didn't have any photos. (So sorry Ruun Ann, Uncle Meow didn't know you'll be performing). But I have a video of you!

A moment of uncertainty. He was standing in the right spot, the rest of the kids in front were front. Hahah!

Look at him smile. Megan was his partner. They look so sweet.
My dashing little pumpkin!


Stacey said...

He is adorable!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading more of yours and swapping ornaments!
Have a great Wednesday!

Za said...

Your little pumpkin is cute indeed!