Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tote bags, bags and more bags.

Whoosh! (Wiping the sweat of my forehead!) Here's the post for another busy month of sewing. I've got fabric everywhere and loads to catch up with. Some of the bags are presents for my Aunt Josie and Uncle David (I hope he likes it, I've tried to make it look as macho as possible!!!!) Here goes...

The messenger bag for Uncle David. He rides this cool bike and so I thought this bag will be cool too. (I hope so!) The material is from Ikea.

The tote on the left is for Auntie Jose. It's got pockets on the front and bag. Magnetic clasp and velvet ribbons.

I love this material and I've got loads of this stashed away for keepsake and future projects. It comes in shades of green moss, warm reds and cool green. I have all Three!!!

Another angle of the tote bag. See that bird!

Ikea has got one of the most interesting prints around and in my favourite fabric (canvas!). This was pre-hemmed and easy-peasy to do.
Remember the ribbon embroidery piece. Here it is again - but now a little bag for Allison! I had to handstitch the sides. Take note : Always remember to sew the handles on each side first before sewing together to form the bag. What a lesson, I broke so many needles.

All three bags together.

Four more work in progress . These bags are for church sale end of this year.

A spur of the moment project. Have been keeping this bag handle for awhile and this seems to be a good idea for a nice black bag with a felt motif.


Barbara said...

Just gorgeous bags!! And the colours so vibrant too :)

Janet C said...

Love all your bags and the fabrics used. Very retro!

Emily said...

Wow, wow and wow! Great job so far, and more in the pipeline!

Samm said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! your bags are fabby.

I saw your other blog, very interesting since I already sponsor a little girl in Cambodia through World Vision.


djbebe said...

Hi Yoonie, I'm your scrap swap partner! I'm a bit slower off the mark because I've been having an internet-free weekend - hence I got lots of crafting done! These tote bags are all very cool - but I see you can also turn your hand to wedding cakes - so multi-talented!

Looking forward to swapping with you!


New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi, love your bags... you're so creative...

Precious Pea said...

OMG!!!!! I absolutely crazy over bags ! Yours looks so sweet...any chance it's for sale?