Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Our Short Holiday at The Klah River, Perak.

We had a short break last week and my parents planned a short trip to this hidden gem in Sungai Klah. I was skeptical about the accomodation but since we had to wait for Nigel to finish school on Thursday, my mom planned to reach there first in the morning to check out the place. She was totally thrilled to find the place still very new and pwetty impressive. (Ehem, the accomodation was around RM450 a villa on a weekday and RM600 for a weekend!)
So with nothing much to do, we did a last minute pack-up and go! Much to Nigel's delight!

The Sungai Klah Hot Springs Resort in Perak is located only 10km south of Sungkai. The turn-off is just south of the Sungkai toll exit on the North-South highway. From Jalan Duta Toll Plaza to Sungkai Exit about 115.5km with RM15.70 for the toll ticket. Access to the park is signposted, about 10km from the main road. The entrance fee of RM5 (adult) and RM3 (child) allows access to its swimming pool and therapeutic pools, water reflexology course, jacuzzis, family baths, board walk and now the newly opened mountain springs pool with cold water from the nearby hills. 5 luxury villas designed with private jacuzzis are also available for overnight accomodations.

To start the day right, a bowl of curry noodles from the Midah market is a must!

By the hot water springs. Going there on a weekday was a good call. The public pool and hotwater springs were quite crowded outside when we left on Friday.

Rooms are spacious and well furnished. Check out the plasma TV. They only have 5 villas in the resort. Single room and double room units.

My grandma testing and checking out the bathtub in the big toilet. There is a skylight roof here.

The huge masterbedroom. They provided us with 2 extra single mattresses, so all of us bunked in here.

Each villa comes complete with your own private hot spring water jacuzzi.

One of The Villas we stayed in.

As you drive into the resort, do stop by at the stalls for fresh local fruits. Dokong is in season, so is cempedak and don't forget the pandanus coconuts!

Dad checking out his next fishing spot.

Cooking our dinner at popo's villa. We had a simple meal of instant noodles and as usual we are already thinking of setting up a barbecue next time we are here.

Popo having some honey corn. Super sweet!

Nigel having his first go at the jacuzzi. It was nice and warm.

Everyone had enough of dipping in the pools, so it was our turn. Nice romantic spot if you don't have a four year old splashing about. We spotted a firefly and it was so cool to have a warm dip outdoors under the stars.

Everyone was early and as usual, Nigel is still in his pajamas eager to explore the outside. Victoria is one of Nigel's best buddies. I think she will become a wonderful mom!

He's getting bigger and heavier by the day.

On his Uncle Meow's shoulder. These are times I will miss Meli & Richard! Can't wait for you to come home next year!

Taking a stroll with dad.

Getting the eggs for the hot dip.

There is a space for you to watch and boil those eggs. Felda has done a wonderful job of upkeeping this place.

Waiting for breakfast to be served.

A stroll with his grandma. (I was still snoozing!)

Buffet breakfast was simple. We expected more variety.

A dip at the public pool. There are slides, fountains and nice trails around.

Playing by the poolside. Have yet to learn how to swim.

My husband in his Baywatch shorts! I'm sure he had lots of fun on the slide.

The public pool got too crowded, so they came back for a dip at the villa's private jacuzzi.

We are already planning to come back here end of the year. Interested?

After a yummy seafood lunch at Slim river, it was time to go home.....

I hope the pictures here will tell how nice the place really is. It is my turn now to convince my family members both from overseas and here to join us for a holiday end of this year to celebrate my granparents big anniversary! The resort has only 5 villas and we might have to book the entire resort. Keep us notified if you're interested and we'll start planning the details. Will keep you notified of the dates and of course - the cost too!


Christy said...

The pics definitely said it all:D
Very very nice and peaceful place for a vacation!!
Great place to be with family;)

Richard and Mel said...

Oh ma gosh... it looks absolutely divine! Must put into our itinerary when we next come back!!

Chrisandra said...

Hi Nigel's mommy :)
I'm Ms. Wong, Nigel's ex-teacher. You always have wonderful postings in your blog :D