Monday, August 06, 2007

Daniel & Jessica's Wedding Part 1

The weather was perfect and everything went accordingly but (haha!), a wedding is not complete with a little mishap here and there. These make the memories for yesterday, a beautiful and memorable night! Praise God!

The garden theme wedding. The ring pillow was handmade by me on printed canvas. Thanks to Grace for lugging these precious crafting materials. I made the trinkets out of an old wind chime Aunty Dorcas had stashed up a long time ago.
The back of the ring pillow. Notice the blanket stitch all round and velvet ribbons. All four corners were embellished with little garden trinkets.
We will always remember 5th of August now. Congratulations Daniel & Jessica. We did it!

The preparation at home for the wedding cake. Auntie Josie supplied the 2-tiered cake and all I had to do was the decorations.
All lined up ready to be assembled. My new shopping love is SSF at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. They have every faux bloom imaginable and more for decorations. The weather here only allows a certain amount of flowers to last on a cake, so I have to mix real gerberas with some silk ones together for a lasting arrangement.
With a sketch and a test sponge. The cake base is printed to ensure I don't go overboard!

Ta da! Surrounded by greenery, this cake sits on a photo frame I bought from Ikea (for a different scrap book project) to add height. Velvet ribbons all round, gerberas on each tier and every corner and 2 hummingbirds to top it up. Vanilla scented candles surround the cake ( I wonder if this is why Auntie Josie said the cake smelled exceptionally nice!)
My pumpkin walking down the aisle, leading the procession. He was so serious and he did a fantastic job. Tears rolled down my make-up yesterday!
This post is but only the beginning of the whole event. Jessica and Daniel had 1 month to prepare and finalise everything. More photos will follow suit in my next post, you'll find Meow's arty farty shots and Grace's wacky ones both artistic and beautiful. Here's only the preparation and a sneek preview of the event.


Barbara said...

That is the most beautiful cake I've ever seen. The decorations were made so professionally! So light-hearted so summerish! Super job!!

Emily said...

Mel! Thanks so much for sharing!

janet C said...

Very pretty ring pillow. The cake is also beautiful. Congrats to the creator!

AnnaDrai said...

Great job! Thank you for your comment in my blog. You are a truly talented. You have a blog filled with inspiration!!!
Thanks again from Italy!

cata said...

Wow! Your blog is amazing.
I love the crochet cup cakes!

Evelyn Lum said...

Love that cake, ring pillow and ring bearer of course! Can't wait to see Part 2 and more. Thanks for sharing.

Esther said...

You are very very talented! Thanks for sharing - the ring pillow and the cake are both very beautiful.