Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Thanks Emily!

I received my WLE yesterday and it was a pleasant surprise, a beautiful crocheted bag with stunning blooms on both sides! A bookmark and two whole yarns!! Nigel was equally astonished as he also received a paper bag of goodies. He is now a busy carpentar and one lucky boy.

"Thank you Auntie Emily! This is for you." Nigel grinning ear to ear.

The busy carpentar with his new toy.

Look at this gorgeous bag!

Blooms on both sides. My photo is not doing this beautiful bag any justice!

Emily! You're so talented! Thanks Again!!



Barbara said...

That is a very very nice crocheted bag! Love the colour variegation!

Emily said...

Nigel got his hammer and houses he built in his new art piece! How clever! Hope he enjoys carpentry and dont hurt his fingers!