Monday, June 18, 2007

Our Holiday in Kuantan

A last minute plan to redeem Nigel's school holidays got us all packed and ready for a weekend holiday in Kuantan. He had to skip one day of school last Friday as we wanted to leave early so that he'll get to spend more time on the beach. The drive was only 2 1/2 hours away....Yippee!

Kuantan is the state capital of Pahang, the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia. It is situated near Kuantan River mouth and facing the South China Sea.

Known as a tropical getaway, one of its major economic activities is tourism. Domestically it is famous for the production of handicrafts, batik and keropok lekor. Serving as the administrative and commercial capital of Pahang, trade and commerce largely supports the economy of the town.

Timber industry and fishing industry also play vital roles in the local economy.

Here's where we stayed...

Swiss-Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan Pahang Malaysia is a beach resort located on the pristine shoreline of eastern Peninsular Malaysia. Idyllic and charming, this coconut-swaying paradise fronts the azure waters of the South China Sea. With luxurious accommodations, excellent facilities, attentive service and true Malaysian hospitality, every guest of ours can expect to be treated like royalty.

Dad taking a nap. This is his version of a holiday!

Checking out the facilities and the menu!

This is my version of a holiday. A craft book (my latest addition to my sewing book collection), my new tote bag and a coconut drink by the beach. Yes!

Spending some Father and Son time together. A very nice father's day treat.

Sipping coconut. They're exceptionaly sweeter here.
Laughing at dad's failed attempt to make a sand castle. He's had many good laughs.
Showing off his muscle power!

The little crab that Nigel caught.

White sandy beaches. This part of the beach was wonderfully clean and the fine sand was filled with tiny shells, kermits and baby sand crabs.

Well, this is Nigel's version of a great holiday. Sand, Sea and a Bathtub!

The lobster dinner wasn't too good. I think we went to the wrong restaurant! But still the picture have to be posted. It's Nigel's first lobster. He had more fun with the shell than the food.
Here it is possible to take a river cruise from the small jetty.

A little stroll by the riverside. Mom is using one of the totes I made during the church carnival.

I think Nigel will remember this holiday. The one he went with his grandparents on the beach!
Bubbles everywhere!
The tired little boy on his dad's shoulders. Still pestering his dad to take him fishing.

A few locals fishing by the riverside.
A lousy shot ! I really need to get meself a good camera.

The next day and still in his pajama top. He was so impatient he didn't care what he wore.

Me and my twigs! I forgot the toothpaste, comb and my scrunchie. So the twigs will do.
The little wagon that followed him around to everywhere he went.

Baking mud pies and of course, macaroni and cheese!

My mom really enjoys spending time with Nigel. They both really love the sea!
See his reluctance to leave. We're already planning another holiday here. This time we'll bring Auntie Meli and Uncle Richard, Uncle Meow and Victoria!



Barbara said...

Great pics! Wonderful hoilday!

Richard and Mel said...

Richard's already sold when he saw the white sandy beach and the lobster (pity you guys thought it didn't taste as good as it looked!). With the COLD that we're getting here now in Auckland, warmth will tempt us anywhere!!! Bring it on!

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