Monday, June 18, 2007

June's Progress

Have finally gathered enough guts to sew a little blouse with sleeves (I have yet to complete the hemming, bit I couldn't wait to show it off.). This is pretty encouraging as I'm already thinking of investing in a good sewing machine - Singer or Brother brand? Anybody with good advice on what type of sewing machine to get. My current one is like 15 years old and it's still functioning but I'm so tempted by the new models and their out-of-this-world feature!.

I made a little clutch from some fabric samples and tested out the magnetic clasp I bought recently.

The tote I brought along to our Kuantan trip.
Didn't like how this turned out. Something wrong with the proportion, I admit!!!



Emily said...

Oh Mel.... are you venturing into clothes ... for adults .... soon?

Anonymous said...

hey ;) just wanna drop by and say hi! :) great stuff you've got there! hmm... i think singer is a better brand? my mom been using it since like forever... hope it helps :)