Saturday, October 26, 2013

Moo Cards, Little Amy Butler Dress & Barcelona Themed Cupcakes.

That sums up my very short post for the past three months. More to cover actually, hopefully I do that before end of this year. Sigh!
MOO Cards are what I call bite-sized scrapbooking little treasures. These are teeny tiny cards created for an exchange held among the members of NNC this year. The Theme was Summer. Thanks Janet for organising this!
The mess I get into for these tiny cards. It was my chance to use up some lovely buttons my big sis gave me when she was on a road trip to Bangkok. Thanks Esther for the lovely buttons. It's great to know that I was on your mind when you saw these wonderful summery buttons.
In exchange I receive 4 other beautifully made Moo Cards. Aren't they gorgeous? The different styles will tell you who the artists are. LOL!
I've had this yarn forever and was waiting for an idea to use these precious bamboo yarn my aunt gave me awhile ago. And so happen, I have acquired a few fat quarters of this super gorgeous Amy Butler print from Zarina, that matches the blue beautifully. So Ta...da!

Here's my little model. Crochet top dress.

I just can't get her to standstill for a pose. She loves it so much that she put it on right away and was swirling about like a crazy person.

Caught her! And for a split second!

I even made a teeny button from some leftover scrap.

I also made this for little God daughter. I found this light tule with sparkles all over. A little girl's dream tutu. 1 whole meter, divided into 4 strips. Combine the 3 to make a puffy skirt and the other quarter a giant poofy bow on the right. I am still wanting to make a grey version of this for her. Now to convince Stan to drive me to that cloth shop in the middle of nowhere South of here. Sigh! The grey is really nice.
These were for Victoria's little celebratory cupcakes for her colleagues.

Remember them black stilettos?

Chocolate Fudge! Roses and laces.

I like the swirls on this one.

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