Monday, November 11, 2013


2 Minions putting up a banner.
A great way to celebrate a farewell, I made these cupcakes for Nigel's class party in September when one of his teachers decided to further continue her studies. They are just plain ole Vanilla cupcakes with a luscious buttercream top. Here's a little tute on how I made them minions.
They all start off as little baldies, capsule like heads are rolled out first. They all come in all shapes and sizes. I know, they are a little orangey. Was trying to get that rich yellow, but I got orange instead. Sigh! The lighting did not help.

Blue bottoms.

I used this plastic holder my mom saved up for me for drying.

Straps on!

Eyes and their many expressions.

They have to have some lids.


Glued on with some sugar glue.

Mouths were easy to accomplish. Just poke and tweek.

All in a row.

This Minion is my fav.

Them black work Shoes.

Armless but standing in a row to dry.

Made the arms and props. This one has a heart pillow.

Of course, a half peeled banana.

Floating in nothingness. Smoothie in hand.

Banner duties.

Lolly in hand!
More minion eyes.

Little hearts and sprinkles.

Clouds raining little hearts.

The whole ensemble.

Spot the minions.

Adios muchachos! LOL!


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Rachel Lloyd said...

Very cute!

Usha Murugesu said...

Love the minions and you too my friend!