Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hayley's 2nd Birthday Cake | Hayley Doing The Gangnam Style

Hayley's favourite dance moves captured in a cake! This was in April and the gangnam craze was just so phenomenal that my 2 year old god-daughter mimicked the Korean star to the T. Enjoy!

Hayley on a cake, doing the Gangnam.

Transporting the figurine separately, I had to do the assembly at the restaurant.

Hayley looking all dressed up and so Pweeeety!

Hayley and Kai-Yeh!

Nigel and Joel.

Us Four!
With Popo and Kung-Kung.

With Nie-Nie & Ah Gong.

Smile! Hayley's a model.
Some fun with some Korean fashion! LOL!

Close Up of cake!

Still standing...

It's a cherry bomb cake. Layers of pink vanilla and country cherries in between. Covered in cream cheese. Super Yum!!!!

Did I mention how Hayley LOVES CAKE!!!!


I started with the head. Used a pingpong ball for the form.

I have a picture of Hayley on the side and some fondant model for reference. Adding bits and pieces to form the facial expressions and the hair.

Tendrils of hair and a nice beaded fringe.

Curls for the back and making sure the ears are aligned.
Assembling the body, part by part and supporting it with skewers here and there.

Placed on a styrofoam block, easy to poke the skewers and manouver around when you have a flexi base.

I followed her shoe to the T. That's her favourite pair of Converse.

A little edible glitter to her cheeks. Looks like make up.

A little button on the side. My signature!

Candy pops all over.

Here's to A FANTASTIC 2!!!!

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